Quiz Day!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is my quiz with my nutritionist, Mary. I am curious to see what this quiz will consist of. Fingers crossed that I pass! It was my goal to have gained two pounds since last Tuesday so we shall see!

Now I have to rave about my dinner last night at work. The deli meat from the Amish market has lasted a long time! I made a bagel sandwich with the peppered turkey and the chipotle jalapeno cheddar, also from the Amish Market. I piled on some spinach as well. THAT PEPPERED TURKEY. I am going to special order that, I just have to. ImageWork went really well. It wasn’t very crowded but we did a steady business in the store all night. The Bulls lost, but it’s no biggie since they already clenched the division. I didn’t have a snack planned out for when I got home, but I had some bubbles that I needed to fill. I ended up going over on my protein bubbles, but that is a great thing! I wanted something warm so I went with Progresso Rich and Hearty Steak and Vegetable soup with a glass of milk. It was definitely rich and hearty! ImageI wish that I slept better last night. I have not been sleeping well at all. So when my mom woke me up for breakfast I felt like I was still half asleep. I let my mom decide on breakfast, and she made an excellent choice. We had Nature Valley  protein oat and dark chocolate granola with milk and a bagel with cinnamon honey pecan cream cheese. I never want to go back to plain cream cheese. I wonder what a cheesecake would taste like using that. Hmm… ImageAfter breakfast I was lazy and went back to sleep for a while. Then around 10:30 I got ready to head out to the barn to change Vinnie’s poultice pad. Last day of the poultice pad, yayyy! But tomorrow I get to start padding him with cotton or gauze soaked in Betadine (I probably spelt that really wrong). ImageImageWhat are the chances that Vinnie morphs into this beautiful horse on the calendar in the tack room? And that I become a millionaire to afford everything this horse has?ImageWhen I got home from the barn I had my snack of an apple and a Blueberry Greek Yogurt (low fat, not fat free!). ImageOnce I’m done with this post I am off to get ready to go into Durham. I am having a late lunch with my mom before going to my appointment with Mary at 3:30! Then I have work at 5:30 so I am going to be a busy bee! I was going to have an appointment with a new therapist today at 1:30, but she had to cancel. I’m happy she did because I don’t think I would of had time to do everything I needed to get done! Wish me luch on my quiz with Mary! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


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