Stepping Up My Game!

I missed blogging yesterday so I’ve gotta step up my game today! That’s not the important thing though. The important thing is that I have really stepped up my game with my eating! I am so tired of always thinking “oh, I can’t wait till I can eat normally and do everything I want to do like running and riding horses.” Now I am really making the changes so that I can get there! I used to think that I was never going to get there so I would just keep listening to the voice in my head telling me it was alright to not eat enough. I am tired of that voice and I am ready for the adventures that await! Filling out the bubbles on my meal plan has gotten easier and easier with every day. Remember when I first was given the bubble sheet? I hated it. I thought it made everything so much more difficult and I thought it caused me to not eat the things that I wanted to eat. No more of that! It helps me to not focus on calories, but on the nutritional contents of what I am eating (proteins, fats, carbs). I think I have finally let go of the fear of eating things that are calorically dense. Woohoo!!!

Now let’s see where I left off… Oh yes, Saturday night. For work I mentioned my dad made me a sandwich with all the yummy Amish fillings. With it I packed my last yogurt from the Amish market 😦 Delicious maple. ImageWork went really well. Bryan, my boss, and I talked a lot about the 5K that he and his son ran that morning. He said he caught the running bug and that he really wants to do one of the Color Runs but that he doesn’t have anybody to do them with. I told him I would do them with him and he told me that when I am healthy enough to exercise and run that we can definitely do that. That got me really motivated because I really miss running for a cause. My all time favorite is the Krispy Kreme Challenge which raises money for the Children’s Hospital. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to try and eat a dozen donuts at once? Ok, you’re right, that sounds a little sickening, but it’s fun to try. The idea of that isn’t scaring me right now, either! I have attempted the Krispy Kreme Challenge before and it didn’t do anything to me. I didn’t gain weight and I wasn’t concerned about the amount of calories in the donuts. I just did it because it was fun! I am so ready to be back at that place!!!! When I got home after work I had a Vanilla Boost Plus to fill up some of my missing bubbles.

Who said Sunday had to be a day of rest?

I don’t think I did any relaxing yesterday until I got home after work. Let’s have a look back on what my Sunday was filled with, shall we? I got up and with the help of my mom I made everyone a big breakfast burrito filled with potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheese. My dad never ate his but that’s ok. He was missing out! ImageA glass of orange juice and some hot sauce on top of the burrito and there you go, breakfast of champions! That was a nice way to fill up a good bit of bubbles. Now that I have accepted the bubble meal plan into my life, I am having more fun with my meals and I am enjoying it more. With the support of my parents I have really been able to step up to the plate. I realized that I don’t have a choice but to fill up my bubbles, so I have been more accepting with eating bigger amounts and eating everything on my plate, even if I am feeling a little full. I have even been eating a little quicker and I have been taking bigger bites! After breakfast I did some cleaning and reorganizing in the kitchen. Then my mom and I sat down and we planned out the rest of the day’s meals and snacks. After the meal planning we realized we needed more milk, yogurt, fruit, and a few other things. We quickly got ready and I made my snack to eat on the way to Harris Teeter to get the groceries. My snack was vanilla Greek yogurt with chopped almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon. ImageAfter we did our quick food shopping (we also got some bagels and frozen breakfast sandwiches!) we went out to the barn to see Vinnie and rewrap his hoof with his poultice pad, vet wrap and duct tape. I brought him a nice big carrot. This is him chewing the carrot, which explain the awkwardness of his lip in this picture haha. ImageHe still looks to be doing really well! He seems so much happier and willing to walk around the pasture. I love it when he comes right to the gate when he hears me call him 🙂 He just knows I am going to pamper him and give him lots of treats. After the barn I came home and got ready for work. I then had to quickly make and eat my lunch before I had to leave. I tried one of my new “boil in a the bag in 3 minutes” pasta portions that I mixed with frozen veggies that were steamed in their own olive oil seasoning sauce (in the microwave… super fancy, I know). I had an applesauce and a glass of milk with it. I had to eat it really quickly but I ate it all! Boy, was it filling. I swear I was still full from it when I got home from work haha. ImageIt was good though, and an easy fix. Carb loaded! I packed blueberries, a pepper jack cheese stick, and pretzels to take with me to work. On break I had the blueberries and cheese and then I snacked on the pretzels throughout the game. I just was not hungry because of my lunch! But, I still ate it because I had to fill up those bubbles! The Bull’s lost the game, but it went by at a relatively quick pace. It was the last Sunday game of the season and it was pretty crowded! It was a good night at work. When I got home from work I had what was planned: Half of the frozen fajita pizza, a large carrot, and a glass of milk. It was really good and I felt so full and sleepy after I was done eating! You can blame the pizza for why there wasn’t a blog post last night. I went to sleep not long after finishing my plate. Image


Yum yum yum. I am eating the other half for lunch in a little bit. This morning my mom woke me up early to have breakfast with her. Today is the first day of school for kids. Back to routine for my mom! We heated up the frozen breakfast sandwiches in the microwave for something quick. With my sandwich I also tried a new brand of yogurt, and it was really good! The yogurt from the Amish market has some competition.


I fell asleep on the couch after breakfast. I was still really tired! When I woke up I went to Food Lion to buy waters and some Ginger Ale, Hawaiian Punch, and cough drops for my dad. When I got home I made my morning snack of granola and milk with cinnamon sprinkled on top.


Now I think I am going to head out to the barn to change Vinnie’s padding for the day! I have work again tonight so it will be a long night for me. Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I am going to continue bringing my “A” Game! Are you bringing yours?


5 thoughts on “Stepping Up My Game!

  1. Girl, I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. Seeing your posts makes me feel so inspired and motivated to keep pushing myself more and more each day. I developed a similar type of tracking record to make sure that I get in what I need to in compliance with my meal plan (just started today!) and I can already tell that it will help me so much.

    Thank you for sharing your progress, story, and for being a real inspiration!

    • You are such a sweetheart! I hope that you find success with the similar tracking record. I know that you can do it! Keep pushing, every day counts! Thank you for reading and again, your comments are a real inspiration to me as well 🙂

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