Packaged Deals

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon… Why do the weekends fly by so quickly? Last night was a relaxing night at home. My dad cooked that awesome dinner and then I tried my new salty caramel swirl ice cream. It was the real stuff- no reduced fat or frozen yogurt in this bowl!ImageI got to sleep in a tiny bit this morning. I am still struggling to get a solid night’s sleep, but hopefully that will change soon. I had breakfast with my mom. We had blueberry pancakes (we froze some from last time) and yogurt with some fresh blueberries and a banana.Image We ate it while we worked on making a style profile on Stitch Fix for my mom. What’s Stitch Fix you ask? I read about this on another blog, and it is a company that will help you out with your personal style. You fill out a profile that asks about your style preferences and your body type and each month they send you a box with 5 pieces in it. You can try them on and keep what you like, and if you don’t like something you simply send it back. My mom is super excited about it! I am excited too, I am curious to see what they send! We did a few minutes of meal planning before my dad suggested we go to Costco. At Costco he showed me all of the things I used to eat and he told me that those things would be a great way to fill up my bubbles. I really enjoyed the trip to Costco and I felt much more at ease having my dad there to help with some selections and suggestions for the future. Some things were still a little overwhelming, but I think I handled it really well. My mom threw a few things in the cart that would be something easy to prepare, such as Ramen Noodle cups. My dad would go through and say what would be an appropriate snack or meal. He looked at so many labels and would just say “no, nope, no good” if it was too low in calories or protein/fat/carbs. That was the hard part, passing things that were low calorie and going for the more power packed foods. But I was able to get past that because I am letting go of worrying about calories! I normally would stay away from prepackaged foods as well, but I am bringing them back into my life because they are convenient and more caloric. I did get some Larabars which I am very comfortable with because there’s no ingredients you can’t pronounce. I also picked out a fajita pizza to try at some point. Pizza made mexican? Yes please! ImageI also got some granola and my dad got pudding and macaroni and cheese. He said something about needing to switch to softer foods because he starting to get a stomach ulcer or something. I feel so bad for him 😦 When we got home my mom and I had Bertolli pasta from the freezer section. I would like to claim it as my own because it was delicious, but I must thank the factory for that one. Chicken Florentine and Farfalle. I had a big honkin’ carrot with mine. ImageMy day also included making a chalkboard sign that I wrote a message on and a trip to the barn. Vinnie was looking wonderful again today! ImageImageNow I am all ready to head off to work! My dad made me an awesome looking sandwich with ingredients from the Amish Market and now we are trying to figure out what would be something good for snacks and what to have with my sandwich. Have a happy Saturday night!


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