Goodness Gracious Great Balls of… Peanut Butter!

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and has some fun plans for the weekend. To cap off my Thursday I had cookie dough frozen yogurt and a freebie peanut butter ball. Then my Friday started off with me getting ready for work before eating my breakfast. I had a glass of orange juice with my new Hershey’s cookies and cream cereal. It reminded me of the cocoa puffs and Reese’s puffs I ate as a kid. With those childhood memories I was able to not think about what I was eating, just like when I was young. They were a nice little change up.

I quickly grabbed a banana (it was massive) and a chewy bar for my morning snack. I also packed a few peanut butter balls to share with my boss. He loves, loves, loves peanut butter. They were a huge hit! My mom shared some with Amber and Mr. George at her school and apparently they were a home run there as well! They are so delicious. I’ve seen recipes for them before and now I am wondering why I didn’t try them sooner. Around 1 my dad surprised me by showing up at the Bulls while I was working. He hung out around the store for a few before we went out for lunch. It was very spur of the moment. We decided to go to Tobacco Road which is right by the ball park, and it actually overlooks the field. My dad ordered chips and pico to snack on, but we only had a few each because the chips were super stale. For my lunch I wasn’t quite ready to order, but I quickly made the decision to order the first thing that really caught my eye, the Chicken Philly with a side of sautéed broccoli. The sandwich was really good, loaded with heaping amounts of chicken, cheese and peppers and onions. I ate every last bite even though I felt like I was going to explode haha.


After lunch I went back to work and did a few more things around the store. Today was a really stressful day for my boss, but hopefully I was able to help out a lot! He really is the best boss ever. He joked about how I crossed over to the lighter side by using peanut butter in the balls instead of almond butter haha. Work was really enjoyable today. When I got home I quickly packed my snack to go before heading out to the barn.

Vinnie is already looking so much better! I was so glad to see him looking that good. I spent some time grooming him while chatting with Renee. She is such a fun person to talk to! Then I worked on cleaning and padding Vinnie’s hoof. It’s a poultice pad covered in vet wrap and then duct tape. It’s a masterpiece!

Just kidding, the vet’s padding totally looked better. I am still just so happy that he was walking and turning better!
For dinner my dad did all the cooking. I started to freak out a little bit when I saw the amount of everything he was putting on the plate. My mind was telling me that he was putting way too much cheese on everything, but after he finished fixing the plates I was able to think back to how the old me would have reacted to the dinner. Then I was able to really enjoy all the flavors of the dish and I ate it all. Again, I felt like I was going to explode haha. I told my mom I felt like a little snake with a huge lump in the middle of its body because it just ate a huge rabbit. Such a lively picture, isn’t it? I apologize if snakes creep you out, I won’t make that comparison again hahah. But dinner was really good! My dad made black beans, dirty rice with a little Italian sausage (both beans and cheese had cheese melted on top) and grilled mahimahi tacos on lightly crisped tortillas with cheese and coleslaw. My dad is an awesome cook!

I am still so full! After dinner my parents helped me fill out my bubbles. I think that was the first time my dad ever really helped with my bubble meal plan and I really liked him being involved! I am now relaxing on the couch and it feels great after the long day. I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds!


4 thoughts on “Goodness Gracious Great Balls of… Peanut Butter!

  1. I can’t start my day without checking in on crum on a plate! So educational…who would of thought one more application for duct tape?! My goodness how far you’ve come eating that puffy sweet cereal! Now you have to try Cinnamon Toast Crunch..Nate got us turned on to that one..he can eat bowls of that stuff at a sitting! It doesn’t surprise me about your dad’s cooking. In college he was the organized one…and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think your mom or Aunt Paula would have survived their final year…he was the one who made sure they went to the store for groceries!

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