Break in the Sandwich Streak

These past few days have been full of sandwiches! Turkey apple Brie from Blend, ham and cheese from Whole Foods, egg sandwich, homemade turkey sandwich with ingredients from the Amish Market, almond butter sandwich that I ate for dinner at work last night, almond butter stuffed French toast at breakfast this morning (that’s basically a sandwich) and another sandwich that my dad made me for lunch with turkey, ham, cheese (and the hoagie) all from the Amish Market. He toasted it under the broiler and it was perfect. Those Amish sure know what they’re doing when it comes to food! My morning snack was a Luna Bar and a glass of milk, and my afternoon snack was a little quesadilla I made with a flatbread tortilla thingy and a laughing cow cheese wedge. I admit now that that wasn’t the most substantial snack for me, but it tasted pretty good.




Today was a full day. Right after breakfast I went out to the barn to spend a little time with Vinnie while the vet worked on Bey. Once she finished working on him she looked at Vinnie. He was really sore today 😦 The vet and her assistant were able to pinpoint the area that was causing pain which was on the lateral side of the bottom of his hoof. They scraped away at his hoof and found a crack by the hoof wall. They kept scraping at the crack in his hoof and uncovered an abscess. The abscess was causing there to be a lot of pressure in his hoof which was causing the pain. They did a nerve block before all this so that it wouldn’t be painful and they also took X-rays to make sure there weren’t any other problems (there weren’t, thank goodness). The vet have me directions on how to take care of it, but she said it would probably be weeks before it is completely healed. I feel so bad for Vinnie, I wish I could have prevented this or at least caught it sooner. But I am super relieved that this isn’t something permanent. It definitely could have been something much worse. The vets also loved Vinnie and his personality! They said he has the best expressions – and it’s true, he really does!
Back at home I did some chores before I started on a little project. Pictures coming soon! I got some quality couch time in with my dad as well. He has a cold… Poor guy. I made my peanut butter balls that Mary told me to make to have during the day and not count it as part of my bubble meal plan. So yummy!

– 1 cup peanut butter
– 1/2 cup honey
– 1 cup nonfat dry milk powder
– crushed pretzels
– white chocolate
Directions: blend peanut butter and honey in blender, then add dry milk and blend until well combined. It will be almost like a dough. Roll into balls then roll in crushed pretzels. Melt white chocolate in microwave with a little milk, stirring after 30 seconds then every 15 seconds until melted. Put in ziplock and cut off corner and drizzle over the balls. Refrigerate for an hour before eating. Go try it now! Life changing. You can add in whatever ingredients or roll them in anything you want! Chopped nuts, chocolate chips, granola, dried fruit. Endless possibilities!
Before I knew it dinner time was approaching. My mom had open house at school so she was going to be home later than usual. My dad wasn’t feeling well so I headed in to Food Lion on my own to get some groceries. I was really brave and got some new things to try! I got a few easy frozen things for something quick to have on hand, as well as soup, cereal, real ice cream (not frozen yogurt… my dad made that a requirement haha) and then I got things for dinner tonight. It is about time I broke the streak of having a sandwich as part of my meal! I ended up cooking for my parents and I loved it! I really enjoy cooking and baking. Ok… So it didn’t really involve that much work, but still, I prepared it. That counts, right? Anyways, dinner was corkscrew pasta with chicken and a tomato basil sauce with a side of mixed veggies. It was super simple but packed with flavor.


Today was a little bit more difficult than yesterday. I felt a little anxiety with breakfast and my afternoon snack, but luckily I was able to stop and think about the positive things and then I snapped myself out of that negative mental place! I still have to push hard to get back to my old self, but I am getting closer. I think there has already been a significant shift in things since my appointments with Dr. Chung and Mary on Tuesday πŸ™‚ I still have my night time snack to polish off today. Tomorrow will be full of spur of the moment eating! I work from 10-4 then I will have to rush out to the barn to take care of Vinnie. Hope everyone had a great Thursday and is ready for Friday and the weekend!


6 thoughts on “Break in the Sandwich Streak

  1. Some guys just can’t handle a weekend away with his family and baseball! Hey I saw some Edy’s ice cream on the table..their slow churned product is really good! Glad to hear about Vinnie…maybe you should think about becoming a Vet?

    • Haha, I think you’re on to something Uncle Bill, my dad just couldn’t keep up with us and baseball haha. And I have been thinking about getting certified as an equine massage therapist- it would give me something to study this year!

      • There’s a guy in our town who is an equine massage therapist..he also runs a horse related store in Ligonier that I’ve only gone into with Madelyne..Equine Chic I believe is its name. That would be a good start but then I’m thinking more like community college and get those biology, chemistry brains going again…then back to college…then on the vet school, then working with large animals (less people contact than dealing with cats and dogs), then owning your own farm, with an RV pad for your folks to live on…not too close to your farmhouse though..then part ownership of the Durham Bulls (because your sister will be GM by then,) See how easy it is to come up with a life plan????

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