Feeling Pretty Chipper!

Yesterday afternoon/last night was hectic! It began before I went into Durham to meet my mom for lunch. I went to the barn after having my snack of a few grapes and a caramel rice cake with jam. I spent some time brushing Vinnie but it wasn’t long until Robert came over and was begging for some attention.


Then I spent some time talking with Renee before rushing off home to get ready for lunch. We planned on trying the new Tijuana Flats on Ninth Street, but traffic was awful due to all of the Duke students moving in. We decided to go to Parker and Otis instead, but when we were almost there I said we could also go to Blend, and my mom said we should go to Blend because when we drove past P&O she saw someone she didn’t want to talk to haha. So we went to Blend and I ordered the turkey, apple, Brie sandwich. It had a fig reduction spread on it that gave it some sweetness and the Brie was a melty gooey pile of deliciousness. It was on toasted multigrain and after my first bite I said to my mom “this is really good, so I am going to enjoy it.” I had been struggling a little before lunch, so announcing that I liked the sandwich gave me the strength I needed to eat it all!


It was so yummy and the combination of flavors was to die for. I forgot how much I loved Brie. We were then off to my appointment with Dr. Chung. Things still are pretty stable and we discussed many different things such as bringing in a new therapist to the team and that if I still struggle to gain weight over the next few weeks that we will have to considered a more intense treatment, meaning I wouldn’t have the freedom of being at home. I also redid all the lab work just to make sure everything was alright. The results came back and my platelet count is a little low and I was dehydrated, but other than that all is well. We rushed to my appointment with Mary. I love every session I have with her. She helped me come up with a long list of goals and we worked on adding more bubbles to my meal plan. She said that I could see a gain of a few pounds the next time I see Dr. Chung if I follow my plan. She gave lots of suggestions to my parents and I to help me reach all my goals, which I will list off at the bottom of this post 🙂 She passed along a gift from Molly, another client who went through the same thing as me. She actually was able to go back to school. I am so happy she was able to take hold of this thing and return!


Then Mary also gave me a gift. Everyone is just so thoughtful! I love everything I received!

Then I had to high tail it over to the Bulls because the gates were opening early for the retirement of Chipper Jones’ number at the Durham Bulls. It was PACKED! Everyone wanted to see Chipper Jones. My boss got to meet him, lucky duck! But because the gates opened early I didn’t have time to get snack or dinner so my mom dropped some stuff off for me. She brought me my favorite Kind bar that I snacked on while I worked. Then for dinner I had a banana, yogurt, and a ham and cheese sandwich. I ate it all because I am serious about gaining some weight!


When I got home after midnight I made myself a big bowl of cookie dough froyo that I ate with a mini Milky Way while I looked at a magazine.


This morning I got up for breakfast and while I ate I did some meal planning for the day. Breakfast was a two egg and cheese sandwich (cheese from the Amish Market, yum!) cantaloupe and a cup of milk. For snack I had Greek yogurt, granola and dried cranberries. Lunch I had a peppered turkey, cheese, lettuce and mustard sandwich on a hoagie roll with carrots, celery, and grapes. The turkey and hoagie were from the Amish market as well.



I also went out to the barn today. Vinnie wasn’t doing so great 😦 Renee just gave him bute when I got there and he looked really lame when he was walking around. The vet is coming tomorrow and she is probably going to have to take an x-ray. I hope it’s nothing serious but I also really want to know what is causing his lameness. I have work again tonight so it’s going to be another late night for me. Before I leave here is a list of my goals, as promised:
– eat my entire meal and enjoy it!
– focus on the positive things about eating
– eat until I’m full
– work through the fear
– break my rule of only eating when it’s snack or meal time
– no sharing my meals, unless sharing two meals
– eat something else to make up for any missed bubbles
– make peanut butter balls and don’t count them as any bubbles in my plan.

And remember the converted quote “if you hear a voice instead your head telling you not to eat – you are not a eater, then by all means eat and the voice will be silenced!”


4 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Chipper!

  1. Be strong, hang in there, follow Mary’s advice, and know so many people care and are rooting for you to beat this. You are an incredibly sweet and special girl with the attitude and perseverance to silence the voice. Xoxo

  2. Chipper Jones? What was that wash up Pirate killer doing in Durham? I think that rule about eating only at designated times is so UnAmerican that it should be the first to go! Think of the Fitness Industry..we wouldn’t have one if Americans ate only at certain times. There would be no need for YMCAs or Jenny Craig. DDD places would be closing on a daily basis. Bud Light sales would plummet…the nation would be an economic tailspin…accountants would no longer be needed! Come on Beth as you can see its your national responsibility to start snacking like the rest of us, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at midnight (like I did last night), and being totally at ease as to when and what you eat. President Obama is counting on you. A million Mexicans are counting on you (and your parents) to provide a steady income for their families. An eventually, after you turn 21 of course, AB will seek you out as a gold card member….I figure that Bud Light thing has got to be hereditary!
    As you can see I am having fun with your blog…so go out and have fun today tooooooooo!! You are doing great…happy eating or eat happily!

      • Thanks guys! That really is funny and yet absolutely true! Thinking back to all of the comments you have made has certainly been a huge inspiration to me. I just can’t thank everyone enough 🙂

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