Gina’s Cantina

So last night I completely forgot to write about our second visit to Gina’s Cantina on Sunday for dinner! After the game we didn’t feel like staying in the city so we went back to the campground and decided to go to Gina’s again because we loved that place so much. The atmosphere is really chill and eclectic and they serve a variety of dishes that have a Mexican flare. I think I have mentioned this before in the past- my family basically lives off of Mexican food.


My parents ordered the black bean salsa as an appetizer and they absolutely loved it! I tried it and it was good, but not my favorite haha. I guess my taste buds still prefer super spicy salsa.

For dinner I ordered the cantina pizza with chicken, spinach and jalapeños. It came with onions instead of jalapeños but I didn’t mind because it was still really flavorful. It came on flatbread with lots of cheese! I added some hot sauce to it to crank up the heat 🙂


It was so simple yet soooo good. I ate all but two little slices of it! My mom then told me that I needed to go to the bathroom to read the things Gina hung on the walls. Everything was so inspirational so I just had to take pictures to share! Hopefully they are all legible!




Those just made me love that place even more. Other than the buffalo chicken and cheese pretzel log from the Amish Market, Gina’s definitely had my favorite food of the trip.

So a quick recap on recents eats. Last night for dessert I had my froyo waffle sandwich.


For breakfast I had Cheerios (with 2%) and cinnamon and some cantaloupe.

I am about to head out to the barn to go see Vinnie and then I will have to have a snack before getting ready to meet my mom for lunch. We are thinking about trying Tijuana Flats because they just opened yesterday on Ninth Street… and because we love Mexican, duh! Hopefully it’s not too crowded. I think Tijuana Flats is a chain restaurant, but I have never heard of it before so I am excited to try it! Then I have my appointments with Dr. Chung and Mary. Then work, so it’s going to be a late night for me! Not yet sure what I am going to take with me for dinner and snack. I might be hitting up Whole Foods if I have time before work! Have a great Tuesday!


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