The Old Stomping Ground

It’s Monday night and the Steelers are on! Too bad they are losing right now…

Last night I went to the camp store to get my snack, which was a mini Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge. While I was walking over to put my ice cream on the counter an old man working there said I needed a lot of ice cream. He said I needed to gain weight and that the wind could blow me away. I just kind of smiled at him and did my best to forget about it. I was a little uncomfortable that he said that in front of several people because I’ve never liked being the center of attention and I felt like everyone just started judging me. But why should I care what they think? I know that I am working on gaining weight and I know that I will get there, so that is all that matters, right? I decided to add a mini midnight Milky Way to my ice cream after that haha.

This morning we hit the road early to head back home. Once we got rolling I made myself an almond butter sandwich (I finally tried the vanilla almond butter… Yum!) and grapes.

I napped on the couch in the RV while we were traveling and it was amazing. I also spent some time on Pinterest and I saw the cutest bulldog puppy and it reminded me of my cousin, Madelyne, so I just had to send it to her!

How cute is that! Precious. We got Subway for lunch and I had my sandwich with blueberry yogurt from the Amish Market.

It was about 2 when we made it home. I unloaded all of my things and then did a little relaxing. My dad and I then went into town to go to the grocery store to grab some things for dinner. I told him Northern (where I went to high school) was having their first volleyball game tonight. So after the grocery store we came home and stuck dinner in the oven to slow roast then we got ready to go to my old stomping grounds!

I miss volleyball so much! It was really nice to go and check out the team and spend some time with my dad. Since my dad isn’t big into horses, we always bonded through volleyball. Northern sadly lost but I still enjoyed the match. When we got home we cranked up the heat on dinner and when my mom got home from school we were just about ready to eat! I had chicken, sweet potato, and roasted veggies. Very good.

Now we, cats and all, are relaxing on the couch! For dessert I am thinking about a froyo waffle sandwich. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have an appointment with Dr. Chung, an appointment with Mary, and then I have to go straight to work. I’m hoping it will be a great day full of good news!


5 thoughts on “The Old Stomping Ground

  1. I can only chime in and agree–I really admire the diversity of foods you eat because I relate to how some of these might make you feel anxious. You make me much more comfortable eating and trying new foods as well. Thank you!

    • That feeling of anxiety is awful, isn’t it? We both need to remember that feeling satisfied and happy is much better than feeling stressed about food! I’m touched that I have helped you to be more comfortable eating and trying new foods. Keep up the good work, you’re going great! 🙂

  2. So next year when you go back you can say “hi to the Old man a much healthier Beth!” glad you didn’t take his words personally and that you noted the root of your anxiety was hearing those words in front of people you didn’t know and thus being the center of attention. That’s really good work on your part and the best part??? You survived, the world didnt collapse and you are still eating…that waffle and ice cream had to be good for a pound! Up here at our county fair the new thing is a deep fried pop tart..haven’t had it yet but looking at going on Friday!

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