Inner Harbor and Camden Yards: Two Days of Fun

Good evening! Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Inner Harbor and Camden Yards. We did a lot of driving around the city as well. I didn’t realize the condition of Baltimore was like that… If you go just a few blocks away from Inner Harbor it quickly changes to a not so nice area. It was a great day! And I took lots of pictures with the new camera, so get ready for a picture-heavy post haha! And all of the pictures are in reverse order, sorry ’bout it!

DAY 1Image
My night snack of cookie dough flavored ittibitz, or dippin dots as I would call them, at the ball park.

ImageIt’s a beautiful stadium, but I do believe I like PNC Park better! ImageImage

ImageBacon on a stick. What?! I didn’t get it, but my dad said I just had to take a picture of it haha. And below is the beer can chicken. The chicken has a beer can in it and a mini helmet sitting on top.ImageImageHere’s a picture just for my Uncle Bill! Action photo of my dad and his Bud Light. P.S. sorry that the DDD place didn’t happen, my parents had other places in mind 😦 ImageImageBefore we went into the game we went to Pratt St. Ale House, and myyy goodnesss was it good. The menu was awesome! We started with some chicken nachos. I told my parents about a recent comment I received and that I was giving out some advice that I needed to follow myself. My advice was that if something tastes really good and I really like it, I shouldn’t restrict and really allow myself to eat the food and enjoy it. So I worked on that while munching on some of the best chicken nachos. Then to get in some veggies since I was a little concerned about not really having any veggies yet, I split a salad with my mom and then had two tiny slices of pizza that we got to share. The pizza had a super thin crust that was nice a crispy. DELISH! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWhat a street performer this lady was! So cool!ImageFishwich that we all got to share. We just picked ate it off the bun and it wasn’t bad. Not my favorite, but not bad. ImageImageMy mom and I finally tried crab cakes! Where better than in Baltimore to try some crab? ImageImageImageBubba Gump for a snack/lunch.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe Inner Harbor was so pretty! I couldn’t believe the size of it. The aquarium sadly didn’t happen on this trip… we thought about going, but at 11:30 the next tickets available for entry was 3:30! It must be a reallyyy nice aquarium! ImageImageMy first sight of Baltimore! ImageBreakfast at the campground: Vanilla Kashi oatmeal with cinnamon, grapes, and the best yogurt ever in the entire history of the universe. Pequea Valley Farm Maple Yogurt. Never had maple flavored yogurt before and why does the closest location of a store that sells this stuff have to be 130 miles from Bahama?!


Ok, back to normal order of pictures. I didn’t bring the camera into Baltimore with me today because it was spitting rain and I didn’t want it to get destroyed. So I decided to stick with my iPhone for today’s pictures.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon and raspberry Pequea Valley Farm yogurt. Just as tasty as the maple… but I think the maple is still my new favorite!ImageWe got ready and drove into the city. We parked in our parking spot at the ball park and then we walked to Inner Harbor again. We weren’t really sure where we were going for lunch, but we just kind of wandered around and we ended up at J Paul’s which is right beside Bubba Gump. ImageImageIt was a really nice place and we sat outside. My dad and I worked on a crossword puzzle 🙂 It was really tough… we didn’t get a lot of words. And the sudoku for the day was a fail for me as well. I need to do more of those because I used to be so good at them! At J Paul’s I ordered the roasted turkey sandwich. It was nice thick sliced turkey, tomato, avocado, some type of cheese I’ve never heard of, and arugula  on a multigrain ciabatta. It was good, but there was a strong herby taste to either the arugula or to the cheese or maybe they put a spread of some sort on it. It was pretty tasty though, and it was a big honkin’ sammich. ImageI ate most of it. I can’t tell if I am full when I stop eating or if I am still restricting how much I allow myself to eat. Probably the former. Just something I need to work on, and the sooner the better! We headed over to Camden Yards after lunch and enjoyed the game. It was an awesome game! The O’s won and the weather wasn’t too awful. It sprinkled for a little bit, but then it warmed up a little but stayed cloudy, which was nice because we would have been baking in the sun. After the game we just headed back to the RV. I had a small simple snack because it was a little late for a snack and we were planning on going to dinner around seven (which is just a few minutes away haha!). I just had some grapes and a few caramel corn crisps. The grapes tasted so good. I feel like I have been fruit deprived! For dinner we might just go back to Gina’s Cantina because it’s so freaking good. And it’s the only place close to the campground hahaha. I am going to try and eat until I am full and truly satisfied. That is my goal for the night… I gotta fill up those darn bubbles! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready for the start of the week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Inner Harbor and Camden Yards: Two Days of Fun

  1. Pratt St. Ale House I shall give a try..but I am staying away from the touristy Bubba Gump and J P. Should of done the Rusty Scupper! Yea the aquarium is amazing..a bit pricey and tough to get into during the you found it! If you had headed up Charles St. for about 2 miles you would have run right into Loyola University where our daughter Erica goes to school…so if you really like Baltimore plan a road trip..she’s an RA and has a huge apartment!

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