Holy Heaven in a Pretzel

No pretzel will ever compare to the pretzel creation I encountered today. Imagine the best pretzel you ever had. Now imagine a pretzel a milliongazillion times better. Ok, let me calm down a bit and start you off at the beginning. This morning we got ready to go exploring. My dad stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast. He has a thing for stopping at chain restaurants for breakfast. Not really my thing, but whatevs, I rolled with it. I ordered the fruit and nut multigrain hot cakes/pancakes (again, what’s the difference?).

They were good, but nothing spectacular. I think I just want to stick with eating breakfast at the RV. We drove around and ended up at Best Buy where we finally got our camera! My new baby:

I can’t wait to use it! We drove around some more before going to my new favorite place. It was an Amish country farmers market.





Those pictures don’t even cover half of it! They had meats (any type you could ever possibly want), fresh produce, salads (potato, pasta, chicken, shrimp, etc.) cheeses, yogurts, milk, fresh juices and smoothies, breads, and just about any sweet you could imagine (pies, donuts, fudge, chocolates, ice cream and much more). Seriously, I don’t ever want to go to a normal grocery store again. But here’s where the party’s at. There was a station that was doing pretzels and pretzel logs. My parents each got a log that was a hotdog and cheese wrapped in a pretzel. My log was buffalo chicken and cheese wrapped in a pretzel.


If I lived here I think I would eat one of those every chance I got. I was so happy I was being fearless with food! I enjoyed it so much and it got me thinking about how ridiculous it was that I was barely allowing myself to eat anything earlier this year. I realized that it’s perfectly fine to enjoy these foods and that it’s not going to be the end of the world if I ate the things I really wanted to eat. I ate the whole thing and I was so glad that I did! 🙂
We drove around Washington DC and I got to see some pretty cool sights.


Then we went to The Ugly Mug, a place my parents went last year. My parents really loved the pretzel sticks that were served with honey mustard and jalapeño cheese whiz so they ordered that and we snacked on them while relaxing, talking and people watching.



I only had a few bites of one. I liked the honey mustard over the cheese, but those pretzels were lame sauce compared to the ones from the Amish market! We ran a few more errands before going back to the campground. My dad and I worked on a crossword puzzle and then it was dinner time. I struggled a tiny bit with dinner even though it was really tasty. I had an Italian chicken sausage that had peppers and onions in it with a salad and a little macaroni and cheese.


The sausage was really, really good, probably because my mom got it from the Amish market haha. Now I am relaxing by a little campfire that we made. It feels so nice out! I had a great day exploring and I feel so proud of myself for eating everything that I did, even though I know my bubbles didn’t get filled out on my meal plan. I probably went over on my bubbles for carbs/grains which is good at least!
I got another mini Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for my snack. Tomorrow I hope to do better with my bubbles. We will be spending the day in Baltimore and I am so excited! We might try and go to the aquarium… I heard it’s killer!


3 thoughts on “Holy Heaven in a Pretzel

  1. Hi there 🙂 I looooove pretzels in almost any form. Pretzel bagels are sooo yum, as well as chocolate covered, pb covered, etc.

    Anyway, I wanted to speak up because I’ve been following your posts for some time and want to let you know that I love your writing style, attitude, and openness in sharing. I love hearing how supportive your parents and community are (like the restaurant worker who wouldn’t let your mom pay for Chinese food), and I also love reading about your approach to ED recovery. You acknowledge that you have negative thoughts and difficult times, but you move past them and maintain a healthier meal plan.

    Thank you SO much for sharing the food you’re eating—the pictures and descriptions definitely help me mentally feel okay about branching out from my own limited “safe foods” and restricted diet. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t attempt to sugar-coat and present a happy-go-lucky version of your life. Instead, you acknowledge the struggles but don’t linger on them.

    I of course wish you all the best and always look forward to your posts!

    • Hi! First off, thanks so much for reading my posts. I am so glad that are getting more comfortable with branching out and trying new things! It definitely makes this time of struggle a little more enjoyable. And we all deserve to feel happy! I have been told that it is OK to stick with safe foods (and it totally is, I clung to my safe foods for a long time), but where’s the fun in that? I just make sure that when I do try new foods I am still working on eating an appropriate amount for recovery. So if you do decide to experiment with a few different foods that aren’t “safe” don’t be scared to eat a decent portion if it tastes super delicious! (I know I need to be following my own advice hahah). Who knows, you might already be doing this 🙂 Thanks again and I wish you all the best as well!

  2. First Sips and Bites is not far from the Aquarium so google it and get there. Secondly don’t forget Vaccaros in Little Italy!! Here’s a new motto for you given this latest round of pictures “Its a big world, and someones got to eat it!”

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