Great Day with Mi Padre :)

Today was a wonderful day! Let me first apologize for the lack of pictures in todays post. I am having some major technical difficulties. But I will get to that in a minute. When I woke up my dad was cooking breakfast. He made omelets and toast. He made me a two egg omelet with spinach and cheese. I had a piece of toast as well that was lightly buttered. I was slightly nervous about the amount of butter that the omelet was cooked in, but I told myself to enjoy what my dad made for me. I was also slightly freaked out by the glass of milk he set in front of me. I felt like drinking milk along with the omelet and toast was going to be too much. I did my best to dismiss those thoughts and I was able to eat all the food and drink the whole glass of milk! Then my dad told me to “have one bite of the bacon he made, so I could tell Mary that I had a bite of bacon” then he laughed a little. I felt like that was a huge accomplishment, even though it was slightly scary. I didn’t want to show my fear.

After breakfast I got ready to go run a few errands with my dad. First we went to Staples so my dad could buy toner cartridges. Then we headed to Southpoint Mall so I could go to the Apple Store. The top button on my phone wasn’t working so I went in hoping to get it fixed. They said it was going to be about 30 minutes before someone could help me, so my dad and I wandered around the mall a little before I headed into American Eagle. I wanted to look and see if they had anything that caught my eye that I could buy for my upcoming trip to Baltimore. They had a lot of cute stuff, but I have been more into the deals lately so I spent my time circling the clearance rack. Additional 60% off, umm, yes please! I found a dress and a tank top. I also tried on a pair of jeggings (jean like leggings) and a pair of shorts. Lets just say I didn’t look healthy in them at all. Jeggings are supposed to be a tight fit, and lets just say they weren’t very tight. The shorts weren’t any better. After I got the dress and tank top and as I was walking back to the Apple Store, I could only think about how I really needed to start eating more so I can really start to gain some weight and fill out clothes. Good motivator right there. The Apple Store ended up replacing my phone and then my dad and I had to go to the Verizon Store to activate it. Once we were done at the mall we went to Best Buy to look at the cameras. My dad and I have been wanting a nice camera for a while now, but we ended up just looking quickly because the one we wanted wasn’t on sale.


We ended up driving around for quite some time. We drove around Jordan Lake and checked out a campground that looked like a nice place to stay. The lake was a lot bigger than I thought and there were a lot of people out on their boats. It looked like so much fun! We ended up driving to Pittsboro and we stopped for lunch at a Grille in the little downtown area. The menu was super simple diner food. Everything was really cheap too! Even though I had the motivation of wanting to fill out my clothes, I still just went with a turkey sandwich. I know, I know, in my last post I said I was all sandwiched out, but I don’t think that will ever be true! I got it on wheat with lettuce and tomato. I ordered it with swiss, but it came without cheese. The waitress must have not heard me say swiss. It ended up looking just like I sandwich I would make at home, so I was comfortable gobbling it up. My dad and I talked about the places he wanted to go while we are in Baltimore this upcoming weekend. He said he wanted to maybe explore Washington DC on Friday and then at some point go to this Amish place that sells all types of food. It sounded like a really neat place! Then of course there is the mexican restaurant that we will most likely go to Thursday night when we arrive. I am so pumped to explore Baltimore and DC! I want to try really hard to eat without fear this upcoming week so I can be ready to enjoy my new food experiences!

We also went into a toy store, but it really didn’t have much inside. Then we hit the road to go back home. Once we got home we both crashed on the couch and spent the remainder of the day being lazy. The storms in the area helped make us lazy I’m sure. For my snack I had a good portion of Kind granola with blueberries and almond milk. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to add cinnamon. Hehehe. I then spent time talking with my mom before working on backing up my iPhone. We talked about our days and I talked about how I really want to eat food like I used to. I don’t want to be scared of calories or of certain foods. I want to be able to go to a restaurant and order what I used to order without thinking twice. We came up with the idea of writing a list of a few foods that I used to always order and then randomly picking one. I didn’t make the list but I think it could be a good idea. Maybe I will make a spinner wheel with several different things on it, so if I have a time when I am struggling with deciding where to go for lunch if I’m out with my mom or dad I can just have the spinner decide for me. Think it could work? It couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. My mom then told me that Renee at the barn told her that I needed to hurry up and gain weight so I could start riding one of her horses for her! I thought that was so funny and I really love her horses so that was another thing that has me motivated to work harder at gaining weight. I took a nice long hot shower before dinner, which we ate while watching the Steelers. We had baked potatoes, asparagus, steak, and bread. My dad is the grill master and makes the best steak!

I spent the last hour it feels like battling with my phone and iPhoto. First of all, my computer deleted all of the photos of my breakfast, lunch and snack that I took on my phone before I backed it up. Then iPhoto didn’t want to recognize my new iPhone along with the picture of my dinner. I have no idea what is going on with it but I had to call it quits before I lit both my computer and phone on fire got too upset with it. Hopefully these realizations I had today will help me to reach my goals faster! 


4 thoughts on “Great Day with Mi Padre :)

  1. Baltimore? What are you going there for? Lisa and I love Baltimore and we have a daughter going to college there..Loyola. Shes actually going back this weekend but we are not taking her..her dad is. Now there is a place called in Baltimore that was on DDD called Sips and Bites…its this really small Greek diner and the food is fantastic..not much in the decor part but really good food. Now for a real dessert treat you go to Little Italy section and you find Vaccaros! OMG the absolute best Italian pastries and coffees..canolies are out of this world..egg clairs look like from another planet, the gelato is fantastic too. There is a Ruth Chris Steak House and a McCormick’s Steak House right by the Inner Harbor. McCormick’s spices are originally from Baltimore. If you are going there again you must let me know and we shall get together! and for Baseball fans there is the home of Babe Ruth..for literary fans there is the home of Edger Alan Poe!

    • Oh my goodness, all those places sound like so much much! We are going there to go to some Orioles games! I saw that episode of DDD and that place did look like it had some delicious food. That would be really cool to meet up in Baltimore sometime!

  2. Yeah Sips and Bites was really fun..I had the crab cakes and they were delicious! Lisa had the Greek sampler…I don’t think you want to go was enough food for an entire small nation of people. Enjoy the games..I am really jealous! Next time your four hour hours away and going to baseball games ya just gotta let me know!

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