Experiments for Friday

Happy Friday! Glad it’s the weekend? I am. I have tomorrow off so I’m hoping to spend some quality time with my parents. I feel like I have barely seen my dad all week! Maybe we can actually have a nice home cooked dinner, I’m a little sandwiched out.
Current experiment: uploading a post from my iPhone. Hopefully it turns out right!
This morning I was really lazy. For breakfast I went with the easiest thing, frozen waffles. I popped them in the toaster and then drizzled a tiny bit of syrup on them. Blueberries and raspberries on the side for a little something fresh 🙂

After breakfast I went straight to the couch where the laziness continued. I remained lazy all day! My snack was a caramel corn rice cake with a little hazelnut butter spread on top. I had that a little late… Almost at noon. Woops!

Then I continued to be a couch potato. I needed some good downtime. I honestly had no idea what my plan was for the remaining of the day (I was struggling with coming up with snack and meal ideas) and my mom wasn’t telling me if she wanted me to join her for lunch or if I was just going to stay home and do lunch on my own. Around 1 my mom called me and we decided I would just drive in for lunch. We went to Whole Foods so we could try the Hot Bar and then get something for me to take to work. I even got a little Chia Bar to try once we were done at Whole Foods. Almost everything I picked out it something new to me. Yay for experimenting with new flavors/foods! My big experiment with lunch was the ginger mustard chicken that I ended up mixing with the white rice and steamed broccoli. So good! I recommend it for sure!




I have the Luna bar and the yogurt planned for my snack and the ham and cheese sandwich planned for dinner. The chia bar was really tiny but had a lot packed into it! It was kinda sweet too. Depending on the sweetness level of the Luna bar I might not be in the mood for another pumpkin brownie as my before bed snack. Gotta go to work now. It’s going to be a long night, we’ve got fireworks!


One thought on “Experiments for Friday

  1. Just a reminder for you to be carving out some quality time with your friends. I believe this was one of your goals a number of blogs back. Have a great weekend.

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