Happy Wednesday!

Good afternoon! This is going to be a quick post because I need to leave in just a few minutes!

So last night I had my chicken pot pie for dinner and then a chocolate Boost Plus for my snack before bed.

This morning my mom woke me up to have breakfast with her. Tasty raspberry vanilla overnight oats 🙂 While I ate I worked on my meal plan for the day because yesterday’s plan felt really successful. ImageImageThis morning was spent doing a little relaxing, dishes, laundry, and making a t-shirt bag! I also had my snack around 11:30. My snack was really yummy: quaker caramel rice cake, PB2 with a sprinkle of cocoa powder, and half a sliced banana. ImageImageThen I prepared my lunch, snack, and dinner to take with me when I go into Durham. ImageNow that I am all ready I am off to my mom’s school to eat lunch with her! Then we might do some last minute birthday shopping for Jennifer (her birthday is tomorrow!). Then we are getting hair cuts and then I have work tonight! After work I plan on trying my pumpkin brownie (or brumpkinie if you will) as my night time snack! Tune in tomorrow to see how I like it!


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