Monday Madness

Today was a somewhat busy day! It actually wasn’t that bad, but maybe after being at the beach for a while everything just feels like it was keeping me busy.

Quick recap on last night: Dinner was spinach ravioli with tomato sauce and then sausage. I think the sausage was more of a breakfast sausage? It was spicy but pretty good. I only had a few small pieces of sausage after eating my ravioli because I was struggling a little 😦 ImageI don’t know why I have been wanting to restrict so much the past couple days. I have been having a hard time adjusting to the addition of fatty foods, like ice cream. I think I also just need to stop comparing everything about myself with others. Maybe I need to reread my Happiness Makeover book haha. Snack went a little bit better last night. I had my blueberry muffin Larabar and some brown sugar and cinnamon popcorn. Image

Summary of Today

This morning my mom woke me up to have breakfast with her before she went to work. We both had a bowl of Kashi crunchy granola cereal mixed with a little bit of the Kind granola and 2%. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top of mine (I pretty much have to have a daily dose of cinnamon now… clearly I am obsessed). We also each had a slice of toast and I topped mine with raspberry jam. My mom suggested that we eat our breakfast on the porch swing, and that was actually really enjoyable. ImageAfter breakfast I did the dishes and a load of laundry before getting sucked into a marathon of The Hills on MTV. I never really watched reality TV a lot but it was easy to get trapped on the couch snuggling with my cat. Before I knew it I had to get ready to go meet my mom for lunch. I went to her school to pick her up and then we went to Hummingbird Cafe. I went there before and got a delicious roasted veggie sandwich. I was so close to getting it again, but then I went with their soup of the day, tortilla. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it had a nice spicy zip to it. I think they blended all of the ingredients together because it wasn’t chunky like I thought it would be. ImageMy mom said she didn’t feel comfortable allowing me to have just the soup for lunch. I was having a hard time trying to decide what to have with it, so I took out my journal and my food plan and tried to brainstorm ideas for what I could add and what I would be having for snacks and dinner. After thinking for a while I was able to decide on adding a Kind bar to my lunch. I also planned to have greek yogurt and a fresh fruit mixture for my snack and  turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner. My mom and I ran to Whole Foods to quickly grab everything I needed to finish my lunch and my snack and dinner. I saw the large display of Kind bars set up in the front, so I headed straight to it and picked out 4 (one for lunch and three to have on hand at home). I made a small container of fruit including grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, 2 strawberries, and blueberries. I then headed over to the prepared foods and picked up a turkey sandwich that had cheese, lettuce, and tomato I believe on rye. I picked up a plain Chobani Greek yogurt to go with my fruit. Then we headed back to my mom’s school for the rest of the afternoon. I ate my bar while working on doing some more meal planning. ImageI also chatted with Amber and a few others! I decided to try and plan out all of my meals and all of my snacks (I am trying out 3 meals AND 3 snacks) along with a time that I plan to eat my meals and snacks. I combined that kind of along with the bubble food plan that Mary gave me. I am still not sure if the bubble food plan is the right thing for me. It makes me feel like I can’t eat certain things because I am too worried about eating too much of a certain thing (like fat) and not getting enough of another thing. A few minutes before I had to leave from my mom’s school to go to the Bulls for work, Amber sent my mom an email saying Monuts was expanding and looking to hire. I was all over that! I love Monuts and I have always dreamed of working in a little bakery. I quickly did an online application and then I was off to work!

The Bulls game wasn’t very crowded and it went by at a decent pace so it was a good night. I didn’t manage to snap a picture of my snack or dinner. I ate all of my snack and on my break I ate about 3/4 of my sandwich. It was a big sandwich and the bread was dense so it took me a while to chew the big bites I was taking on top of me already being a slow eater! It was filling though. When I got home I poured a vanilla Boost Plus into a glass and I am currently almost done with it! I remember when I first came home I would only have a few sips of one, now I am drinking the whole thing! Progress, woohoo!Image Tomorrow I am going into work with my mom because I have appointments with Meryl (my therapist) and Dr. Chung in the afternoon. I don’t have work tomorrow so I will be able to give an update about how my meal/snack/time planning goes.

I also see I have an email from my uncle Bill that I am going to go read right now! I am sure it is full of many motivational things!


2 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. I am glad that you noticed the progress you are making! as for Monuts … Madelyne tells me that the place is fantastic..hope you get the job! (and I hope they ship!)

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