Day in Durham!

Good evening! Today I woke up early to go to work with my mom. Once I got myself ready I made my breakfast and packed up my morning snack along with a few things to keep me busy. I am trying to create a consistent eating pattern and I am adding in a morning snack. For breakfast I made an egg and cheese sandwich. I made toast and then put the slice of cheese (pepperjack… is there any other kind??) on the bread and popped it in the microwave to make it all melty. I cooked an egg in my mini omelet maker, which turns out to make a great over easy/medium egg as well! Except I broke the yolk so it wasn’t runny 😦 I think I had the cheese in the microwave a little too long as well, but it turned out great for my first time making this combo in a hurry! ImageI scarfed that down around 8:30 as we drove into Durham. At my mom’s school I manned the front desk, answering phones and buzzing people in. I also did some reading from a recovery book and around 11:15 I started my morning snack of an apple and some caramel crisps. ImageThen I worked on putting together little turtle charms for some of the other girls who are in recovery as well. My mom picked them out while we were at the Outer Banks. ImageThen my mom and I got caught up in conversation with Melissa (an old teacher of mine/mom’s co-worker/friend) and her twinsies. It was nice to talk with them for a while. We reminisced about the good ol’ days when I was in elementary school. We talked about all the kids who went to my school and my mom and Melissa asked me if I could help with trying to organize celebrating 20 years of Montessori education. Around 12:45 we gathered our things and headed over to Noodles & Company before meeting with Meryl. I finally ordered the Bangkok Curry with shrimp and it was a lot better than I was imagining! I would get it again for sure, but I think the Japanese Pan Noodles still have it beat. ImageMmmm… love trying new flavors! With Meryl we talked a lot about my food plan and how I can organize it to make it easier for me. It was a good session, but it didn’t unveil anything new really. I guess every session can’t be a life changing moment though! After my therapy session I had to head immediately over to Dr. Chung. That went well also! He told me that I had made a small gain, but that he still considered things to be stable. But it was a gain, so yayayay! He also told me the reason for me feeling lightheaded and my vision sometimes going black for a few seconds whenever I get up quickly in the mornings or from laying down was probably because I am a little dehydrated. He also recommended bumping up my medication dose a little to help with the anxiety that still is present. I think at first when Dr. Chung told me I made a small gain, Eduardo was telling me it was a bad thing. I was able to dismiss those eating disorder thoughts though! My mom and I stopped at Food Lion to do some grocery shopping. We prepared at list during lunch so it made it really easy and quick! We also ended up buying a few (ok, maybe a lot) of the frozen meals, just to have in the freezer incase I was struggling with figuring out what I want to eat if I am home by myself for a meal. I think we did a good job with the groceries!ImageThen I put all the groceries away and my parents left to go to their group meeting. My snack consisted of grapes and Greek yogurt with cinnamon. And my Neuro Bliss! ImageAfter my snack and after catching up on Teen Wolf (guilty pleasure) I made something I saw on Pinterest. Two ingredient pumpkin brownies! Just one box of brownie mix and one can of pumpkin. I don’t care if it’s not fall yet, I love pumpkin and I could eat it all year long! I am bummed that I didn’t bake something really creative and a little challenging, but I will save up my creativity for next time! But I will always take suggestions for some desserts to make! ImageI am not sure how they will taste… I am a little scared but we will find out. I am planning on letting them cool tonight and then tomorrow night when I get home from work I am going to give one a try. I prepared my mom’s fave, raspberry vanilla overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast. Then of course I had the urge to do chores so I threw a load of laundry in and emptied and reloaded the dishwasher.

For dinner I was going to have the leftover pizza from the Outer Banks, but it was looking a little questionable. I decided to have the chicken pot pie that I got at Food Lion. It is currently cookin’ up in the oven and I am starting to smell it! My meal plan that I created yesterday for today worked very well! I stuck with it, except for the pizza and pot pie swap. I need to plan out tomorrow so I can have another good day. So far all I have is overnight oats for breakfast, possibly out for lunch with the mominator, and trying a pumpkin brownie (new word maybe: brumpkinie?) for my before-bed snack when I get home from work. I have a few ideas about morning snack and dinner, but I need to think of where I want to go for lunch and what I want for snack. Also, I am getting a hair cut tomorrow! I haven’t decided if I just want a trim to keep it growing longer, or if I want a big change… decisions, decisions!


2 thoughts on “Day in Durham!

  1. Congratulations on your small gain!!! It is such a good thing, the gain is an accomplishment so way to go. and wise of you to recognize eduardos voice, we need some tape for that mouth of his. 🙂 I think we may have been following you around yesterday but never crossed paths…

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