Back Home In Bahama

Hmm… Wouldn’t it be nice if Bahama were a tropical island. I wouldn’t have to worry about missing the beach at all. My last night at the Outer Banks was wonderful. Dinner was really satisfying and unique. Good Winds Seafood and Wine Bar had an amazing view and the kiteboarders were out! ImageImageOk, so the kiteboarders weren’t up close when I took these pictures, but as soon as I went back inside to my table they were so close to the restaurant!

Appetizer and Dinner

For an appetizer my dad ordered the crispy mahimahi bites. I ate one of them and ohmygoodness was it good. I never liked fish before, but now I am in love with mahimahi. It was cooked perfectly. ImageFor dinner I had it narrowed down between two choices. The Local Mahi Tacos and the Shrimp Asian Noodle Bowl. I asked the waiter which one he suggested and he said absolutely the Asian Noodle Bowl. Plus my mom wanted me to get it so she could see what it looked like. ImageBut seriously, everything on the menu looked like it would be delicious. The Asian Noodle Bowl was not what I was expecting at all! I was ready for a dish that would be like the Japanese Pan Noodles from Noodles & Company, but this was more of a soup almost. And the noodles were super thing and clear! It was so strange but so good, and fun to eat with chopsticks! Haha. ImageIt was a HUGE bowl, and I ate maybe half of it. My dad gave it a try, which was a total shocker because he claims to hate oriental foods. After dinner we did a little shopping around in the stores by the restaurant. I came across these funny glasses…ImageThen we headed back to the RV. It wasn’t long before my dad went to bed and my mom stated that she wanted Dairy Queen. Since it was our last night I decided that I could do another trip to DQ. My mom really wanted a vanilla cone so she ordered that and I ordered a mini cookie dough blizzard. I wasn’t feeling as strong as my first trip to DQ when I ordered the small cookie dough and Butterfinger blizzard. But I still ordered my favorite (cookie dough) and ate it all. Image

This Morning

This morning when we all were awake we did some cleaning and organizing before packing up the RV and hitting the road. After being on the road for about an hour it was time to eat some breakfast. It was a little after 10 at this point, and I just wasn’t feeling as relaxed as I could have been. I was stressing a little bit, but my mom basically made the decision that we would be eating granola and milk. It was actually really tasty but I was still too stressed to add another thing along with it. Image

Lunch, Unpacking, BARN, and Snack

For lunch we stopped at Sheetz. That is a great place for us to stop because we can all basically customize what we want to eat and there is such a big variety. I copied my mom and tried a turkey sandwich on a pretzel bun. I topped mine with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, and jalapenos. I also had a little cup of fruit. The sandwich was excellent and I ate the whole thing. It reallyyy filled me up. I feel like it was a good accomplishment, but the size of it has kind of altered my thinking about dinner. But I need to dismiss those thoughts right away! ImageOnce we got home my mom and I tag teamed to unload the RV. Then I went out to the barn by myself to spend some time with Vinnie. His mane was a tangled mess and he really needed clipped! Before:ImageAfter:ImageHe still looks a little rough because of the section of his mane he rubbed off on the fence and the small section of his bridle path that I am growing out haha. He loves his butterscotch treats though! ImageImage“Give me more!” Such a goober. When I got home my mom told me it was snack time so I fixed myself cottage cheese and a few cherries and pistachios. ImageI let Nicole lick the bowl. Turns out she really likes cottage cheese! What a strange cat.ImageI am feeling a little nervous about dinner 😦 We are planning on having spinach ravioli, some type of sausage, and squash. I shouldn’t be nervous and anxious about it because I really need the food, but I feel like I am struggling to control my thoughts and the thoughts of the eating disorder. I am doing my best to think back to the days that I wouldn’t have given this dinner a second thought and I would have eaten as much as I wanted while enjoying it. I am hoping to remember those thoughts when dinner time rolls around.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready to start off the next week on the right foot!


3 thoughts on “Back Home In Bahama

  1. You should check out Chai Thai Cafe just down the road from Noodles and Company- they have bowls like that as well as other rice and noodle bars. It is pretty yummy Thai food – amazing. hot and sour soup and Lettuce wraps!

  2. OKAY so what do you think is going on with the anxiety increase on the day you are going back home? It has to be related and you have to spend some time trying to figure that out. Food is no different whether you are on vacation or not…so its not about food, but something else…

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