Last Day at the Beach

Today is our last day at the Outer Banks. I am sad and happy to be going back home tomorrow. Sad that I won’t be at the beach anymore, happy that I can go home to a routine and spend time with my cats and Vinnie.

Last Night’s Dinner

For dinner we went to Liza’s Pizzeria, which is a big hit on the island. I was a little nervous about it, but I did my best to enjoy the experience. I started with a small salad that I shared with my mom. I also had one bite of a mozzarella stick. ImageThen it was pizza time. We ordered a large pizza: half 4 cheese and Italian sausage, the other half Margherita. I had a slice of the Margherita and it tasted so fresh. The basil was really strong, maybe a little too strong, but it was still a great slice of pie! ImageAfter dinner we headed back to the campground. We watched a little tv before my dad called it a night and my mom and I walked up to the campground store to get “dessert.” I wanted to try something other than ice cream, and the snickers almond bar caught my eyes a few days ago so I gave it a whirl. I also had a handful of the brown sugar cinnamon popcorn. ImageIt had been so long since I ate a candy bar. And here I am, still alive! Eating a candy bar wasn’t the end of the world. I quite liked it. But then again, it’s a chocolate bar. Who doesn’t like some good old fashioned candy/chocolate bars? <– I need to start having this mentality more often.

I watched the new episode of Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia (they were in Miami and it looked like so much fun!) before calling it a night.

Last Day Beach Activities

This morning we went back to Atlantic Coast Cafe for breakfast. I decided to try something different and I ordered the breakfast wrap. It had scrambled egg, cheese, salsa, and avocado all wrapped up and lightly grilled. It was super yummy and I gobbled it right up. It helped that I was thinking about how badly I wanted to start running again. I also added some hot sauce because the salsa wasn’t spicy enough for me haha. That sure lit my taste buds up! ImageWe then picked up our pottery bowls that we painted a few days ago and then killed some time by going to the Avon Pier. ImageImageImageWe then sat in awful traffic on our way back to the campground. Yuck. When we finally made it back to the campground we got ready to hit the beach! The weather was awesome! A little windy, but the sun was out and it felt great! Around 2 o’clock my mom and I headed back to the RV to make our lunches (late lunches). I made a turkey, green and red pepper, spinach and laughing cow sandwich. My mom also packed up some grapes for me to take. ImageWe enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Now we are about to head over to Good Winds Seafood and Wind Bar for dinner. I am hoping to have a good view of the sound and I am crossing my fingers for some good kiteboarders being out! After dinner we are going to do a little gift shopping and then who knows what else! I am feeling strong and powerful so I am hoping to really, truly enjoy my last night here!


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