August is Here!

Happy August everyone! Last night I prepared myself for this upcoming month with yet another king cone. I think I am tired of them. They are good though. So that’s a step in the right direction! I am able to admit that ice cream tastes good. My dad didn’t have any type of birthday dessert… he basically went straight to bed haha. ImageThis morning I woke up early due to rain. Yuck. It sounded so good on the roof of the RV and I would have been able to sleep for hours with the noise, but usually once I wake up in the morning I am up for the day. No falling back to sleep for this girl. After just laying around for a while feeding my addiction to Pinterest, my mom and I made our breakfasts. She went with granola and milk along with her toast and berries, but I went with some oatmeal. The Kashi vanilla instant oatmeal is realllyyy good. Sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon and some berries and bam! Breakfast. With a side of almond butter toast. ImageHot oatmeal hit the spot, it looks like I had goosebumps this morning! That’s normal though. I am always cold now. Deciding what to have for breakfast was a little challenging this morning. I still find myself wanting to restrict in preparation for a larger, unknown lunch. I knew we would be eating out for lunch because we decided to go driving around since it was predicted to be rainy most of the day.

The Day’s Adventures

We ended up driving all around Nag’s Head and Kill Devil Hills. We stopped at this one little store called Something Fishy. My dad said we just had to go into a place called that. My mom ended up getting two new dresses. After driving around some more we ended up all the way in Duck. Duck is a really cute town! For lunch we went to this place called The Roadside Bar and Grille. ImageIt looks closed and abandoned in this picture, but I promise it was a crowded little gem. The lunch menu was small but everything sounded amazing. They sat us in a corner, so I just had to take the opportunity to make a movie reference! ImageNobody puts Baby in a corner! (Dirty Dancing is a family favorite. Every time we went to a horse show Dirty Dancing was always on). My mom and I split the steamed shrimp and the “veggie naan.” Umm… pure perfection! Listen to what it consisted of: roasted red pepper hummus, avocado, sprouts, and fresh pico. All on flatbread, or was it a pita? Either way, yum. My dad ordered the cheeseburger and he said it was really good too. The side for most of their dishes was pasta salad (although the veggie naan comes with a side salad) and my dad said it was great. He asked if they had fries and our waitress said that they don’t even have a fryer! I thought that was really interesting and cool. ImageI should have made the veggie naan the star of the picture, but the shrimp was just as wonderful. After lunch we took a walk on the boardwalk. ImageIt was really pretty and I am glad the weather was decent enough. We went into a few stores before heading back to the Jeep. We did a little more driving around before returning to the campground. By the time we made it back it was time for my snack. I went with grapes, cheese, and caramel Quaker rice crisps. ImageNow we are just relaxing for the evening 🙂 I think for dinner we are having left over pasta and my mom and I are trying these stuffed frozen chicken things that we found in the grocery store. I am not sure what my dad is going to have. I am trying to have the right mentally about food today. I have been noticing that a lot of the time whenever I stand up I feel light headed and I have to take a moment before I start walking. I am taking that as a sign that I should really try a up the ante a little with food and liquids. Plus I saw lots of people out running today and I kept telling myself that the only way I would be able to do that again would be to eat more. The thought of eating more is still scary, along with the thought of eating “unhealthy foods.” I just have to get over that thought because I want to reach my goals! It is almost dinner time, so I’m about to go get my recovery on. Then my mom wanted to hit up karaoke at Sting Rays but I don’t know if that is still the plan. We shall see!

Hope everyone had a fantastic start to August!


2 thoughts on “August is Here!

  1. It seems your anxiety has ratcheted up a bit this week and its probably due to your addition of ice cream and other treats. Try to stay focused on the bigger picture…getting healthy! Step back and you’ll be able to see the difference between skim and two percent is inconsequential in the big picture. I dont know if you ever “get over the thought” for those thoughts will continue to arise for quite some time. However you do have the ability and power to DISMISS those thoughts when they arrive. Keep in mind that those thoughts are UNTRUE, FALSE, DECEPTIVE, and EVIL. Your new reality must continue its focus on what is true, what is healthy, what is loving, what is honest. You are doing great…keep up the good work (even on vacation taking care of yourself is a full time commitment)!

    Oh and lets liven up this blog a bit with some photos of your mom doing some singing!!! (and where is the obligatory BUD LIGHT photo with that steak??)

    • Thank you! You are full of such amazing advice. Your perspective helps get me out of my slumps. And I can’t believe I didn’t get the Bud Light in with that steak! Well actually, I think dad was drinking a Pacifico (his other favorite beer). I will do better next time, though! It has been a while since the blog has seen a good picture of some Bud Light.

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