Dad’s Birthday and Pasta Boobs

Hope everyone had a fantastic Wednesday! Today was the big 48 for my dad. We told him that we could do anything and everything he wanted to do today. He wanted us to get up and cook him breakfast, so that’s exactly what we did! First I went with my mom so she could get her coffee. She tried a different coffee place this morning, and it was just as cute as the other one. When we got back we started on breakfast. My mom decided to grill the bacon… she ended up torching it, but my dad was a trooper and still ate some of it. I cooked the potatoes and eggs. I added pepper and hot and spicy seasonings to the potatoes and they turned out great! I only ate a few of them. I also had an egg and a new flavor of overnight oats: blueberry maple! ImageAfter breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen and then spent some time being a little lazy. When the clouds went away we decided to pack up our lunches and hit the beach. On the beach my dad and I worked on the crossword puzzle from today’s paper and we actually finished it! Woohoo! Go us! For lunch I made a turkey, spinach, green and red pepper, NY white cheddar, and dijon mustard sandwich. I ate it with an apple. Sorry about snapping the picture when I was almost done eating. Apple cores are just so darn pretty, HA! ImageOnce I was done eating I went on a walk down the beach with my mom. We went all the way down to the pier and it felt amazing to walk through the sand! ImageImageWhen we were done on the beach we headed back to the RV. We decided to drive down to a little produce stand and then a little market to get some things for my dad’s birthday dinner. My snack was a Larabar (blueberry muffin, of course). While dinner was still in the process of cooking, I gave my dad his first gift, which he thought was hilarious! I found it at Morgan Imports and when I saw it I knew it would be a perfect gift. ImagePASTA BOOBS!! Pasta shaped like boobs. Who comes up with this stuff? Insanity. Anyways, my dad’s favorite thing in the world is steak, so it was basically mandatory that we have steak for dinner. We cooked up some veggies that we mixed in with spaghetti noodles and then some corn on the cob. The pasta and veggies were excellent, and so was everything else haha! ImageI did my usual thing with the steak and only ate a small piece out of the center.

I struggled more today with my breakfast, lunch and snack. I came close to tears when I had to make my lunch, but I managed to pull myself together. At breakfast I almost let my eating disorder take over. I thought we had been using skim milk as part of our overnight oats, but it was actually 2 %. It is funny how small things like that can make such an impact on my feelings towards the food I am eating. When it was time for my snack I had a hard time deciding what to have. So there were small struggles throughout the day where I just had to take a moment to breath and think of my goals. I didn’t want to be struggling on my dad’s birthday either! Well I am off to enjoy the rest of the night with my parents. I am not sure what the night time snack will be, but I am trying to be strong for it!


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