Cinnamon Roll and Pottery Painting

Today was full of wonderful activities! I really enjoyed it. My meals on the other hand were not as enjoyable for me today. This morning I went with my mom to Mug’s Coffee again and she said we should get something from the bakery to split to eat along with our overnight raspberry vanilla oatmeal. I let her decide what we got and she picked a cinnamon roll. It tasted great, but it was so sugary and sweet. I wasn’t totally comfortable with it, but I did my best to enjoy it. ImageI feel like I kind of set myself up for a hard day by starting off with something that sweet and dense at breakfast. Combined with the blizzard I got last night from Dairy Queen I just felt like I was overdoing it, even though I wasn’t. It just made it very difficult for me to focus on one meal/snack at a time because I felt gross about eating those things. After breakfast we did a few chores and then I suggested we go find a pottery place where we could try and make our own pottery. It was cloudy at that point so I didn’t want to go to the beach. We stopped at one place, but they seemed to only be selling pottery and other knick knacks. We went into another store right beside that place and I saw this card, which I really liked so I just had to snap a pic! ImageWe continued down the road a little bit and we paced a place called Studio 12. On the sign out front I saw they had pottery painting so I knew I found the place! It was so neat, they had all of these pieces pre-made and unpainted. You picked out what you wanted to paint and then you could paint it however you wanted with an unlimited amount of colors! It was so much fun. Very relaxing as well. My mom and I both picked out these kind of square-ish bowls. I think they both look so cool and funky! We get to go pick them up on Friday. Image^This one is mine…ImageAnd this one is my moms!

I loved painting! I want to do stuff like that more often. When we finished that my dad was pretty much starving so he wanted to go to this little Bistro. ImageIt looked like they had a good menu, but I was having difficulty deciding because I was just thrown off by the cinnamon roll. I was just having a rough time with food today. I ended up making the quick decision of the grilled veggie flatbread sandwich. It was pretty good, it tasted very much like pizza. I let my mom have a few bites of it. ImageI worked on a crossword puzzle from the newspaper with my dad while we ate our lunch. It was about 2:30 when we finished lunch. We stopped at a fresh seafood market on our way home and my mom picked out a tuna steak and two filets of mahimahi.

Once we got back to the campground my mom and I went and sat on the beach for a while.Image Around 4:30 we packed it in and headed back to the RV. We did some relaxing and then I ate a late snack a little after 6 of a few grapes, cheese stick, and a few Quaker caramel rice crisp things. I really wasn’t feeling a snack, but I knew if I didn’t have one it would only set me back. ImageI worked on another crossword puzzle from yesterday’s newspaper until it was time for dinner. We were going to grill up the fish we got, but my mom decided to use up some leftovers. We had some of the beef and black beans left over from taco salads, so my mom made nachos for her and my dad and I made a loaded sweet potato (my comfortable go-to food). I am so full from that potato! My loaded potatoes always fill me up. ImageThe rest of my night will consist of watching the Pirates (they are now in 1st place, yippieeee!) and Did You Hear About the Morgans? It’s a cute movie if you haven’t seen it before. I am still too full to think about what my night time snack will be… Not ice cream, though, I know that much! Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, so I am hoping to be less stressed about food so I can enjoy everything he has planned!


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll and Pottery Painting

  1. Aw your pottery painting date sounds so much fun! My best friend and I have wanted to go and do it, so maybe we’ll go ahead and do it! It looks fun! Also, I love crossword puzzles! My hubby and I started doing one years ago on just a whim and then it became our thing to do together…I love em!

    • You and your friend should definitely go do it! It really is a great way to spend some free time and get creative. I love that you and your husband do crossword puzzles together, it’s neat that you guys have that little ritual!

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