Island Time

Whenever you are on vacation time really does just fly right by. We slept in again this morning and it felt wonderful! We decided to do our day trip to Ocracoke today because the weather was not ideal “sit on the beach and do nothing” weather. For breakfast I was just going to grab something small from wherever my mom wanted to stop to get her coffee. We were driving through Avon and my dad decided to pull into Froggy Dog’s because they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and we have never been there before. I didn’t really want to eat out for breakfast because we would be doing Howard’s Pub for lunch, but I didn’t want to say no. I wanted to be living in the moment. The menu didn’t have that many options, so I ordered what they called The Tadpole: two hotcakes with bacon or a sausage patty. I tried the sausage and ate about half of it and I ate almost all of my pancakes. (What’s the difference between hotcakes and pancakes, really, they’re the same thing, right?) I spread a little blackberry jam on top of the panhotcakes. ImageSo that happened around 10:30, then we were on the road again. The ferry ride was so long! They took a different way to Ocracoke Island because they were doing dredging. It was kind of funny… the ferry started to leave and then it had to pull back in because it left my dad behind. He was in the little boys room haha! Anyways, the weather cleared up for the ferry ride so it was rather nice. ImageImageOnce we were in Ocracoke we did a little shopping around. I mainly was looking at sunglasses, but I didn’t get any. I just don’t have a face built for sunglasses haha. There was a Thai place that smelled really good and I was just checking out the menu because I’ve never had Thai before. My dad told me if I wanted to know what Thai food was like I should try the satay chicken appetizer. So spur of the moment I did! It was served on a skewer and I ate one and my mom ate one. My dad refused. It was served with a peanut sauce. ImageImageI was expecting it to be spicy, but it wasn’t at all. I would definitely try Thai again though! I just will have to do it without my dad because he won’t ever eat it. We did a little more exploring around the island and I got a new necklace from a bead shop to put my Jasper stone from Mary on because the other string it was on kept coming undone! I didn’t want to lose my necklace somewhere! It was about 2:30 when we decided to go to Howard’s Pub for lunch. It was a late lunch, but we were on island time so no biggie! Waking up late and eating a late breakfast really disrupts my usual eating times, but it’s good that I am adjusting to it well. My dad ordered the grilled tuna bites for an appetizer. I ate one and it was pretty good. I would eat it again for sure. ImageImageIt was a little challenging to pick something from the menu for my meal. A lot of the things were fried and I am still not completely comfortable with large portions of fried food. I saw another grilled mahi mahi sandwich, and I was really tempted to get that again haha! I didn’t though because I was under the impression that it was a possibility that we would be grilling up some fresh fish for dinner. So I ordered the blackened grilled chicken sandwich, which was super satisfying. The cajun seasoning was sensational! After we ordered my mom suggested we just have spaghetti for dinner, so I was a little upset I didn’t get the mahi mahi. But then my sandwich came and I tasted it and I was glad I ordered it. I ate probably 3/4 of it and it was a huge sandwich! ImageImageI felt really gross on the way back to the campground. I just felt like I ate so much food today. I was a little upset too that we had eaten out so much. But then I thought hey, it’s vacation, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I was happy when my dad said we should just do a light dinner and make stuff for taco salads. I was comfortable with that idea after all of the eating out today. I struggled a little bit before dinner started with the idea of it all, but I thankfully got over it and was able to enjoy the salad I made for myself. Originally I thought about skipping out on the seasoned beef and black beans, but I knew my parents wouldn’t approve, so I put some on my salad and I am glad I did because it tasted great with the other components of the salad. My salad included spinach, romaine, tomato, onion, mixed bell peppers, beef + beans, a little shredded cheddar, and a small dollop of plain Greek yogurt. ImageIt tasted so fresh and clean, which is just what I wanted after all my other foods today. My parents and I agreed that we will not be eating out for a while. But we will see how long that actually lasts! Haha! I am a little scared about my snack tonight, but I will enjoy it and do my best to remind myself that it is what I needdd! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Island Time

  1. Actually your dad was attempting to stay on the island. He heard there was an opening for a bartender at Howards and was counting on your mom to send him support checks. It was only after he took a good look at himself in the mirror (while he was peeing because for some reason there are always mirrors in men’s we care what we look like) that he decided to skip this temptation into his mid life crisis and get on that ferry!!!!! (Okay this may not be true..but it would make a great introduction into a sermon one day!)

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