Talking to Strangers

What a great Saturday it has been! I got to sleep in till almost 9 and it was incredible. Oh, before I forget to mention it, last night I had ice cream. Ice cream, not frozen yogurt. Big step for me. It was just a little prepackaged deal though. ImageI was proud of myself for eating it, but when I was done I felt really gross and I kind of was upset that I ate it. I’m hoping I will stop getting that feeling after I eat.

Breakfast and Morning

This morning we stopped at Atlantic Coast Cafe, a cute little place that is literally right down the road. I thought about ordering one of the specials of the day, cinnamon swirl french toast, but I chickened out. I went with their classic breakfast plate which is two eggs, grits or hash browns, and toast or english muffin. I went with two eggs over-medium, hash browns, and an english muffin. I ate my eggs and all but one or two bites of my english muffin along with a few of the hash browns. ImageIf we go back there again I think I would like to be daring and get something wild and super “unhealthy” or just let my dad pick something for me. After breakfast we drove to Food Lion and got some things for the week. We got a lot of things that would be beach friendly, which ended up being packaged snack foods, which is something I have been staying away from. It wasn’t too overwhelming though so it was good! We also got a nice variety of fresh fruit. Yippie! Love fruit.

Lunch + Afternoon

When we got home from Food Lion we got changed to go to the beach. I love my Oakley bikini that I got at the outlets back home. We then packed up our lunches and snacks. For lunch I packed an apple, some carrots and a turkey and queso laughing cow sandwich. ImageI shared some of the carrots with my parents. They gotta get their veggies too! It felt great to just sit on the beach and soak up the view. ImageImageGahh, so breath taking! At 2:30 I went to the pavilion to tie dye a shirt. I used one of the shirts I already had. It turned out much better than I was expecting! ImageI ended up staying at the pavilion until after 4. While I was there one of the workers said to me “I love your tattoo. Now when are you going to gain some weight?” I was shocked at her straightforwardness but I simply replied that I was struggling with it but I am working on gaining. We ended up talking for a while. She actually turned out to be such an inspiration. She started off by talking about one of her daughter’s friends who struggled as well. Then she moved on to tell me about her own battle with depression. She also unfortunately has a brain tumor and cancer that is damaging to her cerebral spinal fluid. She told be all about her struggles with different treatments and how she was told in 2002 that she would only have one year to live, at most. And here she is! I couldn’t believe how open she was with everything. But we just talked and talked and talked. She asked me about school and about my horse. I asked her all about her travels. She has always surfed, but now she can’t because of hardware that is attached all throughout her spine. She told me about the time she surfed the North Shore in Hawaii. She told me about the time she went bungee jumping. She has been all over the world: Australia, Japan, Russia, England, Germany, Sweden, Egypt and the list goes on. She just seems so strong and powerful! It was such an amazing story to hear. Even though she is battling with severe health problems, she still seems to be enjoying life to the fullest. It doesn’t seem like anything scares her. In fact, she said she was going skydiving in August and she is scared of flying, so that is exactly why she is doing it. It is so surprising how complete strangers can really put things into a new perspective. She told me I was beautiful and will be even more beautiful when I am better and she could see it in my eyes that I was going to fight and get better. She told me that there was a root beer float social at the clubhouse at 6:30 and she made me promise that I would go. I went back to the beach to sit with my parents for a while. My mom told me I needed a snack so I had a few of these new things I got to try. Quaker caramel mini rice crisps. They were actually really good! Image

Dessert First!

At 6:30 I made my over to the club house to get a root beer float. When I got there Carol, the woman I met at tie dye, gave me a small gift. It is a little glass bear and she said I am the 27th person to have it. When I get strong and healthy again and no longer need it, I am to pass it on to someone else so that they can be reminded that there is always someone there for them. It was so thoughtful of her. She really is an amazing woman. ImageI ate the scoop of ice cream from the float and had a few sips of the root beer. I think that I handled it really well! Again, i felt a little upset that I ate it, but not as much as last night.

Around 7:30 we left to go to Top Dog for dinner. I was a little bit off mentally because I just ate ice cream, but I tried not to really let that effect my decisions! I ate one of the jalapeno poppers that my mom ordered for an appetizer and I ordered a grilled cajun mahi sandwich. Oh my goodness was that delicious. I have never been a seafood person, but I am really in to trying new things, and boy am I glad I did. That was by far the best seafood I have ever had. ImageImageI ate my whole sandwich! But, I didn’t have any of the chips that came as the side. ImageIf you are ever around this part of the Outer Banks, you have to try this place! I feel like I ate so much. I know that is a good thing though! One more day closer to accomplishing what I need to do 🙂

Now I am back at the RV. I think my parents have already crashed for the night so I probably won’t be far behind!


5 thoughts on “Talking to Strangers

  1. Well Beth since you’re always posting about food let me tell ya what happened this morning. My mom in law takes us out to Creekside for brunch. I should have ordered the cinnamon bread french toast, or the stuffed blueberry pancakes…but no I get persuaded by the Vegas Omelete which read really good on the menu…alas the omelete was served on top of obvious food service potato skins (instead of homemade) but I misread the menu to be topped with cheddar cheese and instead my omelet was topped with gops of cheddar cheese sauce…like the kind used for nachos…I can’t stand that stuff!! So I really blew it on my breakfast..hope tomorrow goes for you just as well as today..and now that you are eating ice cream go get some good stuff..nothing less than 15 per cent fat…Penn State Creamery I believe, makes their ice cream at 18 percent…and it is delicious…so if your gonna eat ice cream..go for the good stuff!!!!!

    • Oh no! That omelet sounds like such a fail 😦 I’m sorry it wasn’t top notch. That liquid cheese stuff it awful! I will definitely go for some good stuff next time! I will order what my heart really wants and I won’t let my mind talk me out of it!

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