It’s Business Time!

Hello from the Outer Banks! Today has been a great day! I think today’s greatness was deeply influenced by a great conversation I had with my dad last night when I got home from work. We just sat on the couch and talked a little about some different things and about eating “normally.” I feel like we haven’t talked that much in a while, so it definitely felt good. I then had my snack of cake! ImageIt was a little bit of a bigger slice than I have been eating. Then I was off to bed to wake up early to finish packing!

This Morning

I woke up bright and early to finish loading up the RV with all of my things. I then had an epic battle with one of our cats. My mom originally wanted to take the cats with us to the beach, but after several battle wounds, we left them behind. On the road I sipped on my smoothie (almond milk, blueberries, banana, + cinnamon) and then around 9:30 I dug into my oh so delicious raspberry vanilla overnight oatmeal! ImageImageWhile we were on the road we listened to Raw Dog, a comedy station on Sirius Radio. This hilarious song came on! Please listen to it, it will make you forget about your worries for a while 🙂

Hopefully it wasn’t too inappropriate haha.

We arrived to our campground around 1 and got finished with setting up around 1:30. We immediately got our things together to head all the way up to Corolla to see my Uncle Scott, Aunt Debbie and my cousins. They were there all week and are leaving tomorrow, so today was our only chance to see them. We stopped on our way to grab a quick sub from Subway for lunch. It was a little after 2 when we ate lunch (I think). Turkey, avocado and spinach loaded up with peppers, onion, tomato and jalapenos. And of course pepper jack cheese. ImageWhen we got there we spent some time on the beach and talking with family and some friends of theirs. ImagePretty beach! At 5 my mom said it was snack time. There were limited options in the area, so we went to a place called Ike’s and we ordered an appetizer. We got the chicken quesadilla and split it up. I ate one wedge of it. ImageIt was actually very good. I was having a difficult time with the snack though, just because we ate lunch late and because I didn’t know what the plan was for dinner. I know that I shouldn’t be thinking like that, but it is hard to break those habits. The ingredients of foods don’t scare me as much as they did, but I still get a little anxiety over it. Mostly my anxiety about food comes from the portion of it. I’m getting there though. We spent a little more time with the family before heading back down to our neck of the woods. We got back around 9 and went to Sting Rays for dinner. We wanted to go to Top Dog because we always go there on our first night here, but they closed at 9 😦 Sting Rays was great though! We all loved what we got. I ordered the steamed shrimp appetizer and just ate that as my meal. ImageSO GOOD. I tried one bite with the butter, and it was good. I was still a little scared to have more than that though. I think we will be going back there on Thursday night for karaoke! Now my mom wants to walk up to the store to buy an ice cream treat. A little nervous, but I know I need it to reach my goals. I can’t wait to see what’s on the agenda for tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “It’s Business Time!

  1. Looks like your vacation is off to a great start! My favorite part is that you had a meaningful conversation with your dad, I am sure he appreciated as much as you. Never underestimate the love of a father!

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