Using Up the Leftovers!

Hello, hello and happy Thursday! Last night for my snack I had a blueberry muffin Larabar and that held me over quite well until breakfast this morning. I woke up early to go with my mom to her school. She wanted me to tag along, probably because she didn’t want to be alone, and we had to be there by 8:15. I dropped her off at school and then went a few blocks down to Whole Foods to grab us our breakfast. I got her a coffee and a mixed berry scone. I went with oatmeal and fruit. I needed something warm if I was going to spend the morning in the Arctic that is my mom’s school! If you have been reading my blog from the beginning you are well aware that I am not a coffee person. I tried to like it, but it never happened. I topped my oatmeal with a few slivered almonds and a tiny bit of brown sugar. My fruit was a mixture of grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries. Yum, yum, yum. I haven’t had any of those fruits in a while. ImageI ended up just surfing the internet the entire morning haha! We left around noon to go run a few errands and then we ate lunch at home. One thing I saw this morning was mini pizzas made on english muffins. I told my mom about them and she immediately was sold on trying them for lunch. We sliced up some mozzarella cheese and melted it on top of the english muffin under the broiler. Then we put a slice of tomato on top and seasonings and stuck it back under for a few minutes. Then we topped it off with a little shaved parm. We also reheated a few of the chicken parm balls from last night. What a great combo! ImageThen my mom told me we needed to work on my bubble sheet so that we could determine what my snacks and dinner needed to be. After we spent some time on that she told me I needed to have another something as part of my lunch. We agreed on a Larabar. I snacked on that while I worked on packing a few things for my beach trip and preparing my dinner and overnight oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast. ImageMy snack at work is going to be a Kind bar and my dinner is a buffalo chicken sandwich with a little lettuce, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, and a pepperjack cheese stick. My snack when I get home from work is going to be a slice of my butterscotch banana cake (if it isn’t too stale!). Image

The bubble sheet for my meal plan was a little overwhelming and I felt like I was eating a lot when I added the Larabar in with my lunch. I ate it though. I unfortunately didn’t make it out to the barn again today. 😦 Vinnie is going to think I forgot all about him since we will be gone for a week. I am really pumped about the beach though! I can’t wait to be there! Well I am off to work! I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday evening/night 🙂


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