Is Pole Dancing a Hobby?

This morning I was up bright and early! I quickly got ready to hit the road for a day trip to Boone with my dad to drop off some things for athletic training and to pick up the rest of my things from my apartment. Before I left I snapped a picture of the butterscotch banana cake that I made and the farm fresh eggs that Marty (from the barn) gave us. I sadly didn’t try the cake last night. I ate dinner really late and I was ready for bed when I was done blogging. But tonight I am doing it! For real this time! ImageMy mom did the butterscotch glaze… She kind of messed it up, but it will taste the same so no biggie 🙂 ImageSO MANY EGGS. We will have to figure out what to do with all of them. I grabbed my overnight oatmeal and packed it up. My mom wanted me to have another something with it, so I made a slice of cinnamon toast. I ate that when we first started our mini road trip around 7:30. ImageAt 9 I was ready for my oatmeal! Raspberry vanilla = taste bud happiness. Not the prettiest, because it is in a plastic container… ImageRecipe:

-1/4 cup old fashioned oats (uncooked)

-1/3 cup skim milk

-1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt

-1-1/2 teaspoons chia seeds

-1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

-1 tablespoon raspberry preserves

-1/3 cup fresh raspberries (cut in half)

I first put everything but the fresh berries in the container, then shook it up so erthang was nice n’ blended. Then I gently mixed in the fresh berries and stuck it in the fridge overnight!

On our way, the best song came on the radio. Background story: about a week ago my mom asked my dad and I what song we would have play if we were a baseball player and we were walking up to bat. I immediately started singing “if you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, come on, sugar, let me know.” Nothing like some Rod Stewart. So I thought it was hilarious when that came on the radio. Do you know what your at bat song would be?

When we made it to Boone we first went to my apartment to pick up the checkbook and money box for athletic training. You will not believe what was in the kitchen of my apartment. Are you ready for this? A stripper pole! I repeat, a stripper pole! The roommate I was living with is letting her guy friend live in her room for the summer. My dad pretty much summed it up: “I guess everyone has their hobby.” So true, yet so weird. We both got a nice chuckle from that. Then my dad and I headed over to campus to drop off the checkbook. I was so happy that I got to see Ashley and Jamie. They are seriously the sweetest athletic trainers/professors. After chatting with them for a few minutes we headed back to my apartment to pack up all my things. There was more there than I remembered… woops! Luckily everything fit in the truck and in the bins that I brought along. My dad then dropped me off at Macado’s because I made plans with my friends Liz and Ciera to have lunch with them. It was so great to see them! It has been so long and it was great to catch up and have some girl time. Image

They make me look like such a slob! Haha. Lunch went well. I took a few minutes to look over the menu, but that’s ok, we were busy with conversation! I eventually ordered a turkey sandwich with swiss, lettuce, tomato and avocado. I ate half of it and got a box for the rest. Lunch was over before I knew it. And then out of no where it started raining! I had to go back to my apartment to drop off my keys at the clubhouse and then we were on the road again. I read Self magazine for a little bit and around 3:30 I decided to eat the rest of my sandwich. I like the idea of spreading my lunch out and not having to cram everything into my stomach. Because of that though, I didn’t have a snack. I kind of counted that as my snack though. It works, right? When I got home I unloaded all of my things from the truck and then watched a show on my laptop. Next I helped my mom get dinner ready. We just sliced up some carrots and zucchini into sticks to bake them, boiled some spinach ravioli and sliced up a rotisserie chicken. It was a super easy dinner to prepare. ImageI struggled slightly with the idea of adding a sauce or parmesan cheese to the ravioli. I also wasn’t comfortable with the amount of chicken. I originally had a little less but my mom told me I needed more. I think I struggled with that because I felt like there was a lot of turkey on my sandwich from lunch. I need to remember something Mary always says: “Every meal or snack is its own opportunity.” Meaning I shouldn’t allow what I previously ate or what I am going to eat dictate what I eat for the current meal or snack. That is something that I really need to work on. I know I will get there though. Now I think I am going to go pick what flavor of overnight oatmeal I want to try tomorrow for breakfast. I want to try and sleep in tomorrow, but I don’t know if that will happen. It will be nice not to have to think about breakfast though if I go ahead and prepare it tonight. First I might go watch the end of the Pirates game! Hope everyone had a great Monday! One day closer to the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Is Pole Dancing a Hobby?

  1. Well love the oatmeal recipe. I will try it. I love nasket of eggs. Perhaps make some quiche for dinner. I love asparagus, swisscheese with fresh garlic. Tummy yummy

  2. It could be that you were more obsessed about your food intake because you were stressed about being in Boone, seeing friends, and handing in that check book. Don’t discount the possible stressers that can lead to your wanting to be in control over what you eat…which is your way of having control over your life.

    As far as that pole dancing…I bet your dad went home and ordered one online for the living room…nice way to work on his back exercises!

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