Spinach Yum Yum

Can you believe it is Saturday already? The days seem to be whizzing right by! Work last night was never ending. It was a very high scoring game (Bulls lost) and it went by slower than pouring molasses in January. My snack when I got to work was a pepperjack cheese stick and a few pistachios. For dinner I packed an almond butter sandwich and a greek yogurt. It would have been an even later night, but the power went out in the store when the last few customers were still in the store. There was nothing we could do so my boss let us go. I feel so bad for him, he must have been there so late! I got home a bit after midnight and had oatmeal for my snack while I watched my new obsession: Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia. They were in Alaska this time! Then I was off to sleep.

Today’s Happenings

This morning for breakfast I was having a hard time deciding what to make. I feel like making decisions is still one thing I struggle with. I decided to let my mom decide what we were having. We made mini omelets and english muffins for the three of us. I made my omelet with peppers, onions, spinach, cheese, and a few cranks of some fresh ground hot and spicy seasoning. I put almond butter on my english muffin. ImageAfter breakfast, it was super cleaning time. I cleaned my room, the kitchen, and my bathroom. My mom cleaned parts of my bathroom as well, so I can’t take credit for the whole thing. Then we went out to the barn to see Vinnie! He was lame on his front left leg, but he didn’t have any heat or swelling so I’m hoping it will pass in a day or two 😦 But on the plus side, he loves his butterscotch treats and he always looks so pretty in the summer when he gets to be somewhat “hairless” on his nose and eyes. It makes him look like such the classic Arabian. ImageHe enjoyed being out on the grass as well!ImageIn the mail today I got a great package from my grandma, Baba. She is so sweet and thoughtful! She sent me a Terrible Towel from the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh as well as an old coin from Grandma Patterson’s coin collection and an article from the newspaper about a gelding from a rescue horse who won a race! I love stories like that! Amazing how things work out some times. ImageThen we made a smelly and gross trip to the dump. Gotta love garbage! For lunch I made a toasted turkey sandwich with spinach, onion, and a laughing cow wedge and greek yogurt, cinnamon, granola, and blueberries on the side. I also tried a new drink I got last weekend. I had never had acai by itself, the flavor is also mixed with some type of other delicious berry. I have to say, I don’t think I am a fan haha. It would definitely take some getting used to. Maybe if I use it in a smoothie it will be better. ImageI did a little relaxing on the couch after that. I mainly searched on my recipe app for dessert ideas. I am still having a hard time accepting sweets into my daily eating. I don’t know why I am having a difficult time with it. I love baking though, so I think I got a few good ideas and I might have my mom help me pick one to get ingredients for. I made my dinner for work tonight. It’s not a sandwich! I made a larger than normal portion (for me) of two serving sizes of spaghetti noodles. I mixed in some broccoli, onions, and of course spinach! Gotta have my spinach! Even though I had it in both my breakfast and lunch… but who’s keeping track… I also put in a little bit of pesto sauce. I can’t wait to try it! ImageNow I have to leave for work! I am feeling a little drained, but I’m hoping I perk up a little when I get to work! For snack I am thinking another cheese stick and a blueberry muffin Larabar. Oh, on a totally unrelated note, we made beach reservations! Yayayay! Ok, I really have to go to work now. Have a great Saturday night!


4 thoughts on “Spinach Yum Yum

  1. Why not chose days of the week when you will decide what to have for breakfast. It doesn’t have to be everyday but you do have to start making those decisions on what to eat. Maybe pick mornings when you are NOT working the night before.

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