Feeling Sluggy

I am having one of those days where I could just nap all day long. I really don’t like napping, but there hasn’t really been anything else to do. My mom’s knee has been acting up and she is in too much pain to even walk around 😦 So she stayed home today and has been propping her leg up on the couch. We both have just been lazy, lazy, lazy. Nothing wrong with a lazy day, though, right?

Last night’s pizza dinner turned out so well! My dad put my mom and I in charge of making it since he is usually the one who makes it. We put sliced mozzarella on the entire pizza and on half we did sauce, pepperoni, peppers, onions, and shredded cheese. On the other half we put tomato slices, peppers, onions, spinach and shredded cheese. We also put fresh garlic on the entire thing. And a few secret spices 😉 ImageIt was very good, and I even ate two slices! The two slices filled me up and I went to sleep before having a night time snack. Image


This morning it was really hard for me to decide what I wanted for breakfast. I hadn’t used the panini maker in a while, so I decided to do stuffed french toast. I spread almond butter and hazelnut butter on the bread, making a sandwich, then dunked it in the french toast batter and then stuck it on the press. I then drizzled a large amount (for me) of syrup over the french toast and sliced banana. ImageI then did some chores around the house with large breaks of watching tv with my mom in between. I was having another difficult time deciding on what to have for lunch. Increasing the portion size is really stressful. My mom kept telling me to add something and I was feeling overwhelmed. I made myself a combination of chicken sausage, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, and a laughing cow wedge. I ate all of that. There was also some butternut squash soup that my mom made for herself and she told me I needed to have some as well. I ate maybe half of that. I also added in an apple. That felt like a lot for me, even though I know it still probably wasn’t enough. I am having a bit of a difficult day today, but hopefully that changes. I have to leave for work in a few minutes. I think for snack I am going to pack a pepperjack cheese stick and a bar or something. For dinner I am thinking a turkey sandwich and greek yogurt. Gotta run! Have a great night!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Sluggy

  1. Totally different subject here..is your horse far away from your house??? Just wondering if you couldn’t spend time with him or is it her on those lazy days…..

    • That is a good suggestion! He isn’t far at all! My mom just doesn’t want me going out by myself a lot because it might be “too much physical activity” 😦 And yesterday her knee hurt too much to go anywhere 😦

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