I Think I’m Turning Japanese, I Think I’m Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

Happy Wednesday! Ever have those days where 80’s songs just seem to narrate your life? If you hang in there till the end of today’s post you will see why Turning Japanese is appropriate for my 80’s song of the day 🙂

Last Night

After my parent’s group session we left to go eat out. When we started driving I reached for my necklace and I realized it wasn’t there! I was freaking out and searching everywhere! We turned around to go look back in the building and all of the doors were locked! AND IT STARTED RAINING. Ugh. Couldn’t catch a break. Then my mom saw a custodian and she was nice enough to let her in so she could run and check the waiting room for my necklace. It wasn’t there. I told myself that it fell off at home. After that discouraged me a little, I suggested we go to Tyler’s instead of Satisfaction’s for dinner. I hadn’t been to Tyler’s in such a long time and I really wasn’t feeling Satisfaction’s. My parents got chips and beer queso for an appetizer. I struggled a lot with the appetizer. I felt that I couldn’t eat that and my meal. I didn’t even allow myself one taste. It is my goal for the next time I am in that situation to live in the moment and enjoy the appetizer and consider it to just be part of my meal. For my dinner I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with the garlic fries. My mom ordered the sweet potato fries and I liked those better so she was nice enough to let me have a few of them and I gave her some of my fries in return. ImageImageI ATE FRIES! Not a lot, but I still ate them! The sandwich was so filling and full of flavor. My parents and I also had very stimulating dinner conversation… I will not be sharing what the topic was though! Haha, sorry everyone. Then we headed home and we all crashed. It was a pretty late night.

This Morning

I woke up early to go to work with my mom. She had to be there by 8:15 so while I got showered she blended up our usual smoothie. I then dropped her off at her school and went to Monuts to pick up donuts for breakfast. My mom had suggested it and I am broadening my horizons so I said why not! Monuts is for reals the cutest place ever. ImageCheck out the menu! I am going to go back one day and try a bagel sandwich for lunch! ImageI apologize about the action shot of the random person eating her breakfast. I am sure I looked like a stalker taking a picture! Woops! I ordered one cocoa cinnamon donut and one blueberry ginger donut. I got them to-go and brought them back to my mom’s school. We split each one in half. I can’t decide which one I liked better, they both were to die for! ImageImageI couldn’t stand the freezing cold air conditioning in the front office any longer so I left to go to a little shopping at Morgan Imports. I found so much! I got my dad his birthday gifts and card, two buttons, a hair bow, and some other things that I wanted to give to Mary. Great deals too! I want to go back there to do all of my kitchen decorating… they have some adorable kitchen accessories. When I was done shopping I went back to my mom’s school and talked with my mom and Kate (the super-awesome bookkeeper) until it was time to leave for lunch and my appointments.


For lunch my mom and I went to Noodles & Company again. I think it is going to be a new tradition! I went with the Japanese Pan Noodles and shrimp again because it was so darn tasty last time! And fun to eat with chopsticks 🙂 ImageI am going to turn Japanese if I made this a weekly happening! My appointment with Meryl was next and the majority of it was spent talking with my parents just about progress that I have made and the amount that they should be “leaning in.” One on one time with Meryl was spent talking about my social activities involving friends and food since the last time I was there (Cosmic Cantina and Elmo’s Diner). We also talked a little bit about how I was restricting myself from eating the appetizer last night and how when I look at pictures, say from a year ago, of myself I feel that I looked like I could have lost a few pounds. She told me not to look at those pictures for now and I think that is a wise decision. Next was my appointment with Mary. That went so well! She printed out all this information about Jasper for me. Jasper is the type of stone she gave me that I have been wearing as a necklace. It is really cool to read about all of it’s healing properties and energies. It seems like Mary has such a wonderful perspective on life 🙂 I always enjoy my session with her. Today we focused a lot on different ways I can increase my portion sizes so that there can be a change with my weight when I go back to see Dr. Chung on the 1st. I think I came up with some good guidelines to go by! I am going to try and start tonight. I just finished my snack of an almond and hazelnut sandwich. No picture, I think everyone knows what that looks like by now since it was a staple for me on our Chattanooga trip haha! Tonight is pizza night at the Crum house. We will be making it ourselves so hoping it turns out! Have a great evening!


3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Turning Japanese, I Think I’m Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

  1. I think a steady diet of monuts and the weight will come right on! Of course your mom will start looking like that blueberry girl in the original Willy Wonka movie!

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