Lovely (and Not So Lovely) Change of Events!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone has been enjoying their Thursday. I have been enjoying mine, even though it’s not at all what I had planned. But before I jump into that, let me do a quick rehash of last night’s dinner and snack! Dinner was chili mac and salad. I love my mom’s chili! Perfect amount of heat! ImageImageAfter relaxing and watching some tv after dinner, it was snack time. My mom basically took control of that one and said we were having the Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked froyo that I got at the store. I scooped out my portion and did my best to enjoy it. It was actually pretty good. More chocolatey than I was expecting. I struggled a little with it, but I did it!

Timing can really be funny sometimes. My therapy session yesterday was spent talking a lot about my social habits. I’ve never been the most social person (I often go days without talking to anyone other than a family member) but yesterday I heard from some people that I haven’t heard from a while. I stayed up pretty late texting and it was a nice little change of events. It’s amazing how a little social activity can really bring my spirits up, especially during this recovery because I often feel like I seclude myself.

The not so lovely change of events… It didn’t really bother me, I just felt bad for my parents. As soon as I woke up I heard my mom getting sick in her bathroom 😦 She had a terrible headache and didn’t feel well at all. I rescheduled my lunch plans I had made so that I could spend the day with her before work. Before I spent time with her though, I had to drive my dad to Roxboro to take him to the eye doctor because his eye was EXTREMELY red and irritated. It turns out he has a scratched cornea. Ouch. We also had to stop at his office for a little bit. So I didn’t eat my breakfast until I got back home around 10:15. I still ate what I planned out, even though it was a little later than I had expected. Vanilla drink and oatmeal with cinnamon, blueberries, and strawberries. ImageI chatted with my mom for a while, which was really nice. We talked a lot about everything that has been going on. Then we ran to Dollar General to pick up a few small things for one of the projects I want to do! While we were in DG my dad called and asked us to go to WalMart to pick up a prescription for his eye. So we were off to Walmart. We didn’t get back until after 2:30, so I didn’t end up eating lunch until around 3. I toasted up some bread and made a turkey sandwich with spinach and the chipotle laughing cow cheese. I also had blood orange greek yogurt with it (obsessed with that flavor!). ImageNow I have to go finish getting ready for work! The weather is supposed to be nasty tonight, so it could be an interesting night at the ball park. I have one of my favorite go-to dinners packed: chicken sausage, sweet potato and spinach! I am feeling strong and I want to kick this eating disorder in the rear! Now more that ever!


2 thoughts on “Lovely (and Not So Lovely) Change of Events!

  1. A picture of your mom’s chili…and then she gets sick in her bathroom…just saying there might be a connection there! Hey do you realize how great it is that you were able to eat breakfast and lunch at the “off times”? It says to me that you are showing some flexibility and maybe loosening up some of that control “this is the way its supposed to be” stuff that floats around in your head! Keep going with that. Now about that chicken sausage…find a good meat store and get some sweet Italian sausage…grill onion and peppers add a quality roll and now you have my favorite meal…which I made for Madelyne last night!

    • There definitely could have been a connection… hahaha! I can definitely appreciate that fact that I have been able to adjust to eating at “off times.” I am ready to really let go of trying to control everything. It will make things so much easier and more enjoyable. And that sounds really good! I can see why it is one of your favorites! I am sure Madelyne loved it!

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