Am I Weird? Yes. Do I Care? Nope!

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD. Hello! Last night my parents brought me a chicken fajita from the Mexican restaurant they stopped at. My mom told me all the updates from the other parents at their group meeting. They sound like such a lovely bunch of coconuts! I think they really enjoy chatting with the parents they have met. I ate about half of my fajita. I was still really struggling last night. ImageIt was really late when we ate and I was beat so I headed off to bed not long after dinner. I made a to-do list for today while I was waiting for my parent’s to come home. On it I wrote down what I was going to have for breakfast, that way there wouldn’t be any surprises this morning. I was hoping that would help my day by starting my first meal off on a positive note. I think it worked! Even though I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and didn’t fall back asleep until about 6:15, I still managed to have a wonderful day 🙂


For breakfast my mom made her new favorite smoothie, the banana blueberry smoothie with almond milk. Then I scrambled an egg with spinach again and threw it on a toasted english muffin. I then topped it with a little avocado and salsa. What a beautiful combination! ImageThen I was off to the dentist! I think I have discovered another way to motivate myself to get to a healthy weight. I have noticed that when I see people that I haven’t seen in a while (for example: the super nice lady at the chinese place we get take out from or my dental hygienist) they comment on my lost weight and then I can read the concern all over their faces. That makes me want to be healthy again so I don’t have to receive that look anymore. But my dental hygienist actually talked to me a lot about my eating disorder because her daughter also went through the struggles of anorexia. Unlike mine, hers was caused by a virus (which I didn’t know was possible, but it’s so interesting how the human body works!) but she still had a lot of the similar characteristics as me. She wished me the best with getting better, which was so nice of her. My dentist has the sweetest people working there. I love it! Am I weird because I like the dentist? Probably. Do I care? Nope!

Then my mom and I went to the Person Country Animal Shelter… Just to look. We still haven’t talked to my dad about adopting a puppy. Eeeekkkk! We found one that we adored though! She was the cutest little thing. I already decided if we adopted her I would call her Moose. I’m not going to hold my breath though haha. Afterwards we headed home for a few minutes, just to do some laundry and dishes before heading into Durham.


We stopped at the UPS store so I could finally ship my cousin, Madelyne, some things I told her I was giving her. Then we went to lunch at Noodles & Company because it was located right by my therapist. OH MY GOODNESS was it yummy. I actually enjoyed it! What? What was that, Beth? You enjoyed food? Yes, I did. I was so proud of myself. I ordered the Japanese Pan Noodles with shrimp. I even ate it with chop sticks. So much fun! ImageMy mom and I sat by the window and chatted about how when I am healthy we both want to start doing yoga. We also talked about what I am thinking I want to do with my future. I really want to learn from my experience with anorexia but I want to do something with my love for physical activity (Personal trainer maybe?) and maybe even nutrition. That way I can help people to live a healthy lifestyle without causing damage to their bodies like I have to mine. All ideas! My therapy session went well. I mostly talked about my social habits, which if you know me have always been the same. I have always been shy and quiet and kind of a home body. That’s just me though, it’s what makes me comfortable. Next event of the day: spur of the moment trip to Mebane to look for throw pillows for the couch. We got everything but throw pillows haha! I got some amazing deals at Oakley! I always forget that store is there, so when I walked by I said to my mom that I wanted to just go take a quick look around. So glad I went in! I got a new bathing suit and two jackets. They were so cheap. It. Was. Awesome. We ran into the Nike outlet as well. The only reason we went in there was so that I could take a picture of the mannequin, you know, for motivation. Am I weird that I wanted to take a picture of the mannequins? Most likely. Do I care? Not one bit! They are my current motivation. I want to fill out my clothing and have strong, healthy muscles. ImageImageI wouldn’t mind those outfits either haha. We also went into a kitchen ware store so I could get a mini omelet maker to make eggs easily in the morning. We walked around the outlets a little more, looking in all the windows. Then we headed over to Sheets, my favorite gas station ever. I used to think Sheets was so repulsive but now I love it! I picked out a snack, which was wonderful. ImageImageOn our way home we stopped at Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough. It is the cutest little grocery store that sells natural and organic products. We just grabbed a few things. While browsing through the store, we saw this brand of something, I don’t know what it was exactly, but the names were so funny! ImageIf I ever got this, I would find a crowded street and walk up and down the sidewalk yelling “I am drinking Fire!!!” I don’t know if I would actually do that, But I would like to think that I would. Am I weird? You betcha. Do I care? Absolutely not!

Now that I am back home I am doing a little relaxing on the couch before dinner. We are having salad and chili mac, which is just my mom’s chili that she put together in the crock pot this morning over some pasta. I think it will be good. I have done so well today, I am determined to keep it up!

Oh! Guess what I got at Weaver Street Market! It was hard for me, but to keep up the momentum of being successful and motivated I got some Ben and Jerry’s half baked froyo. Mary, my nutritionist, told me to start adding in sweets. I haven’t really been comfortable doing that, so she would be so proud of me for taking a step in the right direction.

For some humor for those wanting a good laugh, this is something that I believe I have:


6 thoughts on “Am I Weird? Yes. Do I Care? Nope!

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing your journey! I am a mother of a 13 year old going through the same struggles and I so appreciate your perspective. You are so sweet and funny and honest- and take great photos! And it also warms my heart to share your stories with my daughter because sometimes she feels alone in this, like no one understands, and your stories inspire her and make her feel not so alone. So a big thank you to you for that, we wish you all the best, and know great things are in store for you.

    • Thank you so much for reading my blog! I am so glad that my perspective has helped. I know that this is a difficult time for your entire family, but you will make it through, just like my family will! I, like your daughter, feel alone at times, and this blog has helped me feel connected with others. Knowing that I have inspired your daughter to make her feel not so alone has also helped me to not feel alone during this difficult time, so please, thank her for me. If there is a certain topic you or your daughter would like to hear my perspective on, please don’t hesitate to call it out and I will gladly make a post about it! I love the mutual inspiration that occurs. Thank you again and I wish you and your family the best!

      • Thank you, you are so sweet! We are “following” you now so we’ll definitely check in if we have topic ideas. I feel like you and my daughter have similar personalities -and love for yogurt- and believe that you will get through this intense life challenge and be stronger and wiser. You are already inspiring people and that’s a wonderful gift!

  2. Hey that was a really well written blog..I liked the way you carried your theme all the way through. I think you have some talent here that starting to show. By the way its Sheetz and its a family run company from Altoona PA out here by me. I think they are trying to dominate the world and I can’t believe you have one now near you. Madelyne, Garrett, Erica Madelyne I swear are addicted to the food…Garretts girlfriend thinks their mac and cheese is the best in the world. Personally I follow the advice of an author I like Michael Pollan who writes on food and health who says “never by your food from the place you get fuel for your car!”

    • Thank you! I realized I made the spelling error in Sheetz a little too late haha. I remember a few summers ago when I was up there Madelyne wanted lunch at Sheetz and I thought she was absolutely crazy! But now I have converted and am just as crazy about them. I am so glad that they have locations that aren’t hours away. I don’t know how I feel about the mac n cheese from a gas station though… I might stick to the sandwiches and wraps. But who knows, maybe Garrett’s girlfriend is right! Try everything once, right? I do like that saying, though. My dad will always say something like “you don’t go to a burger place and order the spaghetti.” Or something like that haha.

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