“I Just Want My Butt Back!”

I need to cheer up! I have been so mopey today, other than at work. I need to work on embracing the fact that I am able to enjoy my life when so many others aren’t so lucky. I need to work on being more grateful and maybe that will influence the amount of happiness I experience. Just a little something I picked up yesterday while reading “The Happiness Makeover.” I was in a bad mood this morning (not sure exactly why) and then this evening after work I was just tired and didn’t want to do anything. But let’s rewind!

Last Night’s DinnerImage
Buffalo Chicken sandwich (shredded chicken, Frank’s Red hot sauce, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce on toasted hoagie) with stewed squash and roasted carrots and a potato wedge. I love spicy food so the buffalo chicken was spot on! I did a good job eating it too. Then we watched some television after dinner and for my snack I had my blueberry muffin larabar.


I woke up and got ready for work. Then I made myself an egg and spinach sandwich. My first egg exploded in the microwavable egg cooker. FAIL. So then I threw some spinach into a pan and cooked it a little, then added an egg and scrambled it up. I toasted a sandwich round and then spread one wedge of laughing cow on the two slices. Then I put my scrambled eggs on top. Voila! My mom also made me a smoothie, which I wasn’t happy about for some reason 😦 ImageImageMy mom and I carpooled this morning since we both had to go into work. I worked from 10-4 and did a lot of restocking and tagging!


I ate my lunch around 2. I packed it this morning before making my breakfast. Just an almond and hazelnut butter sandwich and an apple.ImageMy mom picked me up from work at 4 and then we were on our way home! As soon as we made it home I hit the couch. I just wanted a nice lazy evening, which is exactly what I got. I watched tv and made myself oatmeal for a snack. The original plan was for me to ride into Durham with my parents while they went to their group meeting and then that way we could go out for dinner afterwards. I am glad I wanted to stay home and relax because their meeting ran way over. They are currently on their way home and they are stopping to get takeout. My mom just informed me they are getting Mexican… of course. Not sure how I am feeling about it, but I will try to enjoy the food they get me. I think I will be able to have the necessary positive thoughts to give myself the boost I need to conquer my fears. Something I have said to myself a few times… just to give myself a humorous push in the right direction: “I just want my butt back!”


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