Ups and Downs

This morning started off alright. I was making my breakfast, but when I was almost done preparing my oatmeal creation, my mom said I didn’t have a choice and had to have a smoothie of some sort. That was the absolute last thing I wanted and I grew very upset. I let my anger get the best of me, which is part of the battle. ImageOnce I was done eating I got ready to go to work with my mom. I was under the impression (from an email I received) that I had my therapy session today, that being the reason I was going to work with my mom. I spent most of the morning on the phone trying to get access to the new Duke online reports so I could double check my appointment times and everything. Glad I did that because my appointment isn’t until Wednesday. I then finished up working on the friendship bracelet for my aunt Paula! It’s about time I finished that. My mom and I went to Elmo’s Diner on Ninth Street for lunch. I let her pick the place because after my battle with breakfast I just wasn’t in the mood for making any decision about where to eat. I ordered the grilled hummus sandwich with applesauce. It was just what I needed 🙂ImageThen we went back to my mom’s school for a few hours. I just sat in her office and read more of The Happiness Makeover. I am almost done with it! I am trying really hard to work in some things I have learned from it. Then we headed off to Target to do a little grocery shopping. We got most of the things we needed for the meals we planned for the rest of the week. I also picked up a new flavor of Naked to try for my snack!Image

Then we stopped at Costco real quick to pick up a rotisserie chicken to use for our dinner. We are currently in the process of making buffalo chicken sandwiches with carrots, potato wedges and stewed squash. I am not sure exactly if I am going to have all of the sides… I am feeling very stressed and panicky at the moment. I really wish these mixed emotions about food would stop flooding me when it is almost time to eat. I know things don’t come easy though. I just have to remember to pause and think about the situation and think about all of the things I will be one step closer to doing if I nourish myself with this meal!


2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. The thoughts about not eating are always going to occur when its time to eat. That is your reality and will continue to be your reality for some time. I encourage you to accept those thoughts when you get them BUT their is no need to panic over them. They are what they are..the thoughts are not true…they are deceptions..and YOU have the power to dismiss them…

    Thanks for my laugh of the day! You gave me a new image of what it means to “get Naked”! And no I am not drinking that!

    • You are right, I do have the power! I have to believe I am strong enough to dismiss those thoughts when they occur. And I am so glad I made you laugh! I have always thought the name of that brand was hilarious!

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