Let’s Get Crafty

Today started with an early wake up call from Frisco. My mom was nice enough to entertain her while I went back to bed to catch a few more Z’s. I could have still used a few more hours of sleep, just to catch up from the previous nights. My mom and I made our morning smoothies. Today was a blueberry, banana, and almond milk smoothie. Then I made a waffle, almond butter banana sandwich. ImageSO MUCH BANANA. I would be fine with laying off the banana for a day or two haha. After breakfast we did a few chores around the house and then we packed up Frisco and her things to return her to her home at the barn.  She rode with me in my seat belt on the way to the barn.


Once we returned her and talked to Renee and Marty for a bit about their trip to Florida, My mom and I went down to spend some time with Vinnie. He loves the new butterscotch treats I got him! After the barn we came home and I did some relaxing on the couch. After a while it was lunch time. To keep it simple my mom and I just had leftover chinese food. ImageThen we really went to work! Well, not really. I did a clean up of my room, cleaned the front porch and did a few other things like laundry while my parents worked on the yard. It looks so good now! They did a nice job. Once my mom got all cleaned up we headed to Raleigh to go to Michaels to get some crafting things for some things I want to make. I have to find something to fill my time with! It was time for snack, so we stopped at an ice cream place. That was a fail… They had a few frozen yogurt options, but I really wasn’t feeling it. Good thing the service was terrible and we were waiting for a while… I didn’t feel as bad about leaving without getting anything. We then attempted to do our grocery shopping at Target, but when we walked inside we realized it wasn’t a Super Target. Whoops! So we turned right around and just stopped at Food Lion on our way home. We were going to do our grocery shopping for the week, but it was getting a little late and I still didn’t have my snack. So we just picked up stuff for tonights dinner and a greek yogurt for my snack. I ate it in the car on the way home. I was starting to struggle some in Food Lion when it was time to pick out a snack. I really didn’t want one, but knew I had no choice in the matter. Greek yogurt is always a safe go-to for me, so I went with the raspberry flavor. My mom cooked dinner tonight. We had brown rice with butternut squash and what she calls smothered chicken (grilled chicken breast, provolone cheese, and then peppers and onions). ImageThe chicken was a little challenging for me. I wasn’t expecting that much cheese and the peppers and onions were very oily. I ate it all expect for a few bites. I can’t describe my feeling afterwards. The voice of Eduardo was telling me to be upset with what I ate and I unfortunately listened and allowed myself to feel ashamed of eating what my mom made. I am still slightly rattled by it, but after doing the dishes and as I am typing up tonight’s blog I am able to think a little more clearly and I realize that my body needed what I ate. I am trying not to think about it, but hopefully tonight’s snack goes down without a hitch!


One thought on “Let’s Get Crafty

  1. Well I am trying to catch up with you Beth! I was with Nate over the weekend..he says hi..hopes to see you but not sure how or when. Now he’s in the woods/swamp/ stuff for the next twenty days. Hey can you catch me up on what Eduardo is? You can email if you want to.

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