Hello all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday full of friends, family, and good food! I have been spending my day mostly relaxing. I am so tired today for some reason. For breakfast my mom made french toast and I topped mine with some banana slices and blueberries. There was also an attempt at a vanilla strawberry smoothie, but the texture was all wrong and I just couldn’t do it, which is a shame because I like the vanilla flavor protein drink that was used in it. The french toast was good though!ImageThen I did some dishes and relaxed with the pug for the rest of the morning. That little pug is so funny looking, it’s just too cute to handle haha. At about 2 my family ate lunch. Since I am working tonight we had our Fourth of July food for lunch. My dad grilled up hot dogs and cheeseburgers and my mom made potato salad and red cabbage coleslaw. There was also store bought coleslaw, macaroni salad and baked beans. I was having a difficult time with lunch. I was in tears for a few minutes leading up to lunch. I left to compose myself and splash my face with cold water in the bathroom. I took a breather to try and remember to relax and that I need to eat to be healthy. I was overwhelmed by the food. Those foods are typically something I would label as being unhealthy, but right now for me I need to remember that there is no such thing as “good” food or “bad” food. I was also upset with myself for having these negative thoughts. It’s a holiday and I shouldn’t be having worries about the food, and yet there I was… freaking out. I should have been able to jump at the chance to spend time with my parents and enjoy an awesome lunch that they prepared for this occasion. I made my plate and did my best to enjoy it. My dad would probably say that I was still looking at it like it was poison. I just made myself a cheeseburger with onion, tomato, lettuce and mustard and on the side I tried some of my mom’s coleslaw and some baked beans. ImageThen I took a nice relaxing bath while I listened to some music. Now I am about to head off to work. Not sure what I am going to bring with me for dinner yet… It is going to be a long and crowded night at the ball park! Try and catch some good fireworks tonight!


One thought on “Festivities!

  1. Beth that French toast looks amazing..I had Cheerios for breakfast then went to paint windows! I find it ironic that you like to watch DDD and all the stuff he eats and then you look at your own cheeseburger as unhealthy! I swear someday we are going to read that Guy Ferari (I don’t know is last name) has undergone heart bypass..and is in the same hospital room as “Man Vs. Food” dude.

    But on a more serious note your therapist is correct…life is enjoyable and unenjoyable, easy and difficult, calm and challenging…all wrapped up in one life – your life, my life, and everyone elses. Secondly most people don’t learn that lesson about good/bad until they are well into their fifties. To divide the world into good/bad is simplistic and very untrue. There are no good or bad foods, just as there are no good or bad people (though people do make poor decisions, and choices, but I digress!) Dividing the world into good and bad, is one way people try to control their worlds…usually by staying away from the “bad” people
    which tends to lead to prejudice, judgements and a very small world view indeed!

    Finally be KIND to yourself! I would encourage you to let go of judging yourself so harshly…what do I mean? Your above comment ‘I should have been able to jump at the chance…” is a judgement upon yourself that isn’t healthy and one I am certain you were the only one thinking that way. I doubt very much your folks brought up the fact that it was family time and a holiday etc. And the best thing about life?? You get another chance to have lunch with them tomorrow, and the next day, and the next and the next…you get my point? Its only one day, one lunch, one meltdown…let it go, forgive yourself, and begin again!

    Gonna go to Philly tomorrow for a couple of days and see Nate. Type to you soon!

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