Back Home and Pug Sitting!

Yesterday was my last day in Chattanooga. It was spent driving around and being extra lazy. When my sister got to the RV she instantly fell asleep on the floor. After letting her sleep a little we jumped in the jeep and spent most of the day driving around. At 4 we finally made it to our food destination. It was of course a Mexican restaurant that my dad wanted to go to. I swear, my family lives off of Mexican food. Los Amigos maybe? I don’t know but it was gooooodd. I ordered the grilled chicken burrito. It might have been one of the best burritos I have ever had. ImageOnce we all finished we headed back to the RV where we relaxed for the rest of the night. A few hours later my parents decided on Pizza Hut take out for dinner… I just had a small slice of thin crust cheese because I was really struggling and couldn’t handle the thought of pizza hut… and then later for my snack I had a dark chocolate and nut kind bar.

Today was spent traveling back home. After being on the road for a little bit my mom made me an almond butter sandwich for breakfast. She also made me eat yogurt with it, so I chose the plain greek yogurt and sprinkled some cinnamon on it. ImageLunch was Subway. I got turkey with cheese and loaded it with veggies. When we made it home I had a blueberry muffin larabar and then headed out to the barn to pick up Frisco, the adorable pug puppy! I am watching her for the owners of the barn while they are out of town! This should be interesting… My dad had already exiled himself to his bedroom… ImageTonight we will probably just relax at home. Not sure what we are having for dinner, but hopefully I will be able to tackle it without any anxiety. Wish me luck, with dinner and the pug!


6 thoughts on “Back Home and Pug Sitting!

  1. I wouldn’t eat that Pizza Hut crap either!!!! Hope you’ve been following the Buccos…I tried to get tix for this week against Philly but SOLD OUT! The pug is cute..make sure he stays cool they don’t do well in hot and humid weather!

    • I have been keeping up with them, they have been playing so well! That’s too bad that they are all sold out 😦 I talked to my dad about maybe trying to go to a game in September but oh course we will have to wait and see. I’ll do my best to keep pug cool and happy!

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