Supa Stunday

So yesterday was an interesting day. It started off really well and then I just kind of crashed in the afternoon. I felt bad about crashing because I felt like a downer and I didn’t want to make my family feel bad or anything, but I was just so tired! I blame my inability to get a full night of sleep. But what can you do? Anyways, after picking my sister up we stopped so she and my mom could get their coffee fix. Then we went across the river back to a really cute store we went in on Friday. I just had to get a purse that I saw. I thought it was too adorable to pass up. Plus I needed a new one because the zippers on my old one were all broken. And of course I had to get the matching wallet and a button that simply says “stun” haha! I also got a refrigerator magnet note pad that lets you write down planned meals for the week. I thought it would be a good thing to have at home. ImageSeriously guys, that store was the best store ever. Blue Skies. Check it out if you ever make it to Chattanooga! For lunch we went to River Street Deli which was a cute little deli located underneath Blue Skies. I wasn’t starving since I got a late start to breakfast, so I just ordered the chicken pot pie soup (one of the specials) and a side of fruit salad. It was really good and tasted so fresh! I wanted to eat all the fruit but my dad told me not to fill up on fruit and eat more of my soup. I was able to eat most of it which it good. Everyone else ordered sandwiched which also looked very good, so I recommend trying this place if you ever visit as well! ImageWe stopped in another store that sells the most creative art work and decorations made all from recycled materials. I picked up a few ideas, so maybe sometime in the future I will be posting about my attempts to recreate some of those things! There was also the cutest old dog in that store. His name was Orange Juice. 🙂 Then we made a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh steak and asparagus for dinner. We also picked up a few more yogurts and larabars because that is all I ever seem to eat at the RV… This is when I started to crash and shutdown. I think it might have been a combination of me being tired and then my dad and sister were making fun of everything in Whole Foods because a lot of it is organic and healthy. I think I was just being a little sensitive because I enjoy eating and shopping organically and so it felt like they were kind of poking fun at my desired lifestyle. They didn’t mean any harm so I did my best to let it go! When we got back to the RV we all got changed to go relax at the pool.

ImageAfter eating dinner, which was really tasty by the way, my dad and I drove Jennifer back to her place and then we went to go see The Heat which was absolutely hilarious! I could watch it twenty more times! Two thumbs up for sure. When we got back to the RV i ate my blueberry muffin larabar and headed off to bed. This morning I slept in a little bit later and then we decided to go out for breakfast. My dad chose the place, so it ended up being IHOP. I don’t think he likes finding little local cafes to try for breakfast. Either that or he just stopped at the first place he saw. I was happy with what I got though. It was the grain and nut pancakes with blueberries and bananas and scrambled eggs. The pancakes were actually reallyyy good. They had nice crunch from the nuts and the fruit added a nice sweetness. The bites with banana tasted a little like a banana nut muffin. I apologize for the picture, I started to dig in before I remembered to snap a shot of it! ImageNow we are just back at the RV. My sister is on her way over as I’m typing. I have no idea what the plan is for today, but i am going to do my best to be in a better mood today so I can enjoy everything to it’s maximum potential!


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