Remain Pausitive

Happy Saturday morning! Yesterday was a much better day all around! We ate some yummy food and we got to do so much exploring. After getting ready and driving around a little, we went to downtown for lunch. There was a little deli that I wanted to try last time I was in Chattanooga but never got the chance. So I jumped on the opportunity to try it! Sweet Peppers Deli:ImageFeeling good at this point, I made the quick decision to order the choose 2. So I got a waldorf salad and a garden pesto sandwich. The salad was absolutely amazing… chicken, apples, grapes, walnuts, celery, blue cheese, greens, and I’m not sure what type of dressing. The sandwich wasn’t really what I was expecting. There were green beens, artichoke heart, greens, and mozzarella with a pesto spread. I only had a few bites before calling it quits. I gobbled the salad up though! There was also a plate of chips and queso that we ordered as an appetizer, so I had just a few of those. ImageAfter lunch we drove to the part of the city across the river and did some walking around. It was such a beautiful day! My mom wanted to walk down the bridge a little bit and we got a wonderful view of the park and the city. ImageImageImageThen we walked down the street and went in some of the most adorable stores! From my previous post I mentioned that I was having a rough time before breakfast. All I wanted to do was shut down. All of my frustration was being taken out on my entangled headphones and laptop cord. After almost bursting out in tears and ripping my cords to shreds, I paused and took a few deeps breaths and repeated a few of my personal mantras in my head. So yesterday, when we were in one of the stores I saw a book and opened it up to a random page. Perfect, wasn’t it?ImageImageTaking time to pause and reflect on what my thoughts were and not the thoughts provoked by the eating disorder really helped me throughout the day. After a few stores my dad was done walking, so we went back to the car to finish our exploring. We drove up to Lookout Mountain and got an incredible view of the surrounding landscape. ImageImageImageImageWe were so high up I felt like I was in a plane looking down at the city. My eyes started to hurt after a while! They aren’t used to looking at things so far away. After getting our fix on touristy sight seeing we headed back into the city for dinner before heading over to the ball park. We went to Taco Mac, another place I saw last time that I wanted to try but never got around to it. I am pretty sure it is a chain, but I had never seen one before so I was fine with giving it a whirl! With my families addiction to chips, salsa, and queso, we ordered some more to snack on. I had only a couple because I wanted to stay strong to eat my meal. My dad also got a small order of hot wings, and I did have a bite of one as well. For dinner I ordered the Burrito Mac which was ground beef, refried beans, topped with chili, cheese, tomatoes and onion. I ordered it with a side of fresh fruit, which was just a few apple slices. I ate all of my apple slices and about half of the burrito. I need to make a mental note not to get ground beef at a restaurant because it always ends up tasting a little Taco Bell-y. I still enjoyed it though! ImageRight when we got to the ball park it started to pour! The game was delayed an hour. It also cooled down a lot after the rain so I was a little cold. The crowd was also bigger tonight and a little annoying so after a couple of innings we decided to leave. I think we were all ready to fall asleep! So I had my blueberry muffin larabar and watched one of my new favorite shows, Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia before hitting the hay! This morning I woke up and my parents were still asleep so I decided to get a jump start on writing and internet surfing haha. My parents can sleep so much more than me. It’s not fair 😦

My breakfast this morning is filled with a lot of sweet flavors, but the RV is still very limited on options. I am having a cup of a chocolate protein drink (the normal), a vanilla greek yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a peanut butter chocolate chip larabar. I am not going to want chocolate ever again after this breakfast! Or at least for the rest of the day haha! I am not exactly sure what today has in store for me. I think we are going to go bathing suit shopping for my mom and dad, go to whole foods to buy stuff for dinner (my sister wants home cooked food) before picking up Jennifer and then doing some hanging out. Should be fun and relaxing! If I struggle at all today, I will have to remember my post from this morning and just take the time to pause and think about beating this eating disorder and becoming healthy, strong, happy and allowing myself to enjoy my life!


4 thoughts on “Remain Pausitive

  1. I am so happy that you are distinguishing your thoughts from your eating disorder thoughts!! You probably are not giving yourself enough credit for being able to do this!!! Its a great step in the healthy direction..those others thoughts are NOT you! Now lets work on those action with your dad chowing down the jalapeno would have been priceless…and your mom after a few beers would have been a classic too…though I believe I can conjour one of those up from memory! Oh and one other thing…got to get some Nutella for that RV…a very delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread I believe Nate could eat by the jar! Thanks again for sharing and I loved the pics of the city.

    • Yes, I definitely think it is a step in the right direction. And I should have snapped a few action photos because it was quite entertaining! Thanks for reading, glad you liked the pictures!

  2. Loved the pics….I do not travel far anymore so I will depend on you to send me pics of faraway places and family….Love you very much, Baba xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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