Good Morning From Chattanooga!

Yesterday we rolled in to the campground a little after 1 in the afternoon. It is a cute little campground, not to far away from the city. For lunch we were actually still driving down the road so I made an almond butter and hazelnut butter sandwich to eat with greek yogurt for lunch. I always eat the crust first for some reason! Just something I used to do when I was little I guess. ImageAfter setting the RV up we did a little relaxing before getting ready to go explore! While we were driving around the city I snacked on a chocolate coconut Pro Bar, which actually really filled me up. I shouldn’t have eaten it because right when I finished it we started walking downtown and my dad and mom decided to go to two different places for snacks before the baseball game. I wish I knew that’s what the plan was because I would have loved to join them on the snacks but I just wasn’t hungry 😦 Stupid snack bar. ImageThe first stop was Sugar’s and BBQ rib joint. It was a neat little place. My parents had a few beers and ordered one of their most popular appetizers, the Butt Poppers. I think my dad just wanted them because of the name! They were roasted jalapenos with roasted pork and cheese. With it being dark in the restaurant and my dad being colorblind, he couldn’t tell the difference between the meat and the jalapeno, so he took a big ol’ mouthful of jalapeno. That lit him up and he was pretty much done. My mom seemed to really like them, but she was tearing up from the heat! I was glad I was full… I got to keep my taste buds. I do love ridiculously spicy food though, so maybe I will have to try those next time. The next stop was Sticky Fingers. I don’t like going to chain restaurants when there are so many local places to try, but my dad went there before and liked it. Plus it was just right down the road so we didn’t have to walk far. They just ordered some more beer and got 6 hot wings. They got a flavor with a dry rub on it, and the recipe was on the paper they came on! They really liked it so I snapped a picture and thought I would share it in case somebody wants to take a crack at it! ImageI think we will definitely be trying it when we get back home! So after Sticky Fingers we headed over to the ball park. My parents loaded up with their beer, popcorn, and peanuts and we jumped seats a few times and eventually ended up right behind the third base dugout. It was a great game, so many home runs! We even got to see my sister for a few minutes. She is even in the program. I am so proud of her! She is doing a great job here and she seems to really be happy! At the game I had to get something but I was feeling anxious and stressed. After a few minutes of trying to decide, I went with a hot dog. There really weren’t that many options to choose from, but it was still a struggle for me. ImageBig crowd, right? ImageWorkin’ girl!ImageImageImageAfter the game was over we got to talk to Jennifer for a few more minutes before we left to go back to the RV. Since I only had a hot dog and no night time snack yet, we stopped at Food Lion. I was still really struggling to decide on something to eat. After looking over the grocery store I just went with something that would be prepared quickly and easily. I went with a lean cuisine southwestern chicken panini. It was actually really good! It always surprises me how well the crisp up in the microwave. ImageThen I called it a night. This morning we slept in a little. Well, my parents did, I still woke up around my normal time. Since the RV doesn’t have much food in it right now I am working on another almond butter sandwich with greek yogurt and a chocolate shake for breakfast.  ImageI was really starting to break down this morning. I just wanted to shut down and cry, but I remembered my happiness post from yesterday and I thought about all of the things I want to be able to do when I am string enough and I broke through my mental blockage. It was tough but with a few deep breaths I was able to do it. Today we might be doing a lot of walking around so I know it is important to give my body the fuel it needs. We are also going to the baseball game again tonight. Originally we thought last night’s game was the last game of the home stand, but my dad actually bought tickets for tonight’s game. So after some confusion and explaining, we got last night’s tickets for free apparently! Hopefully tonight I will be less stressed about eating, and maybe I will try something more daring than a hot dog!


3 thoughts on “Good Morning From Chattanooga!

  1. Okay let me get this right…your sister is a bigwig and in the program and you guys had to jump seats to get behind third base??? Where is… her pull..she should of comped you guys behind home plate! The day I get to where she is working (wherever that is) I expect some quality seats otherwise I will tell the story how when she was a little baby her parents had to bring a vacuum cleaner around wherever they went because that is the only way she would fall asleep….yes Beth it’s true YOU were the normal one as a baby!!!!! Thanks for the post

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