Greenville, SC

So this campground I found isn’t too bad, it’s just located in a sketchy place… We are going to drive around to explore a little and go out for dinner. Hopefully there is a nicer part of town! 

So recap on last night’s dinner. It was a success! And super easy for me to make. All I did was shred up some roasted chicken that was baked in the oven, then I mixed in some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Next I put the chicken into three piles on a cookie sheet and put a slice of cheese on top of each one. I stuck it back in the oven to melt the cheese and then I used a spatula to remove it from the baking sheet and put it on a sandwich round. I put lettuce and tomato on mine. It definitely hit the spot! I had a sweet potato with mine and I made some frozen tater tot hash brown things for my parents. I can’t wait to remake these! ImageImageAfter dinner I watched Wanderlust. It was weird, but definitely better than I was expecting. It had some parts that were pretty funny. I am always up for a good laugh! Then for snack I had a frozen waffle with jam spread on it. 

This morning I woke up early to eat breakfast and pack some more before leaving to go to my counseling appointment at 10. For breakfast my mom made me yet another chocolate banana shake and I made a bowl of oatmeal to have with it. ImageMy session went really well this morning. Another post will be coming, possibly in the morning, addressing some ideas that I had! Back at home we finished loading up the RV and I got the cats all set up before we had lunch. We made wraps with lunch meat and I had almond mild and a greek yogurt with mine. We all toasted our wraps in the panini press, and sadly mine wasn’t wrapped to perfection so it was a little messy haha. Then we hit the road! I forgot how easily riding in the RV makes me fall asleep. That combined with the temperature. I was knocked out. For a snack I had the blueberry muffin larabar. Love that flavor! Now that we have the RV all set up for the night I think my parents are ready to go explore and find dinner. I am feeling powerful right now so dinner should go nice and smooth! 


3 thoughts on “Greenville, SC

  1. Have a great trip and yes taking on new behaviors often means having to leave the old, and very comfortable patterns of behaving behind…and it is scary…but don’t panic…you are loved and supported…soon you’ll be making your own breakfasts and lunches will all your new culinary skills and flavor combos. Thanks for sharing. How about a pic of Jennifer at work?

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