I’m Bringing Sexy Back

The highlight of my day was when that song came on the radio while I was at my dad’s office. If you do not enjoy that song then you are a robot. Simple as that. So like I said, I was at my dad’s office. I went with him this morning to help get some work done so I spent my entire morning keying in check receipts and doing reconciles. Funnn stufff right there. My mom packed my breakfast for me. It was just almond butter toast that she toasted in the panini press. It was a little dry. I think we should stick to making other sandwiches and french toast in it. But I had that with my chocolate banana smoothie that my mom also prepared for me. ImageMy mom also packed me some greek yogurt, which I had to eat but I waited to eat that later in the morning. It was the blood orange flavor. Gahh, mouth watering. After finishing up four months of checks it was time to leave for lunch. We quickly ran into WalMart to buy a gas can and propane tanks before going to some place I have never been to. I was a little nervous about it. I ordered the marinated chicken with grilled vegetables. It certainly wasn’t my favorite because the chicken had like a sweet, barbecue (or something) marinade on it. It was alright, but not my go to flavor for chicken. ImageI had one bite of the bread and wasn’t very impressed by that either. I just don’t think I was happy about the idea of lunch today. But I ate so that is all that matters. We then went home for a few minutes before leaving to go into Durham for my appointment with my nutritionist. Today was definitely my most difficult session with her. It was just so overwhelming to talk about all of the things I still needed to add to what I was eating. Everything sounded so scary and I have to leave basically everything I was doing behind. I almost started sobbing. And I feel like my parents make it harder and easier at the same time. Everything these days just feels like it is a battle between them and the voice in my head. So after my meeting my mom and I ran to Whole Foods because it was time for a snack. My nutritionist told me that I needed to add in dairy and sweets to get more calories and my mom wanted to try the gelato. I got the vanilla cake gelato. I really wasn’t in the mood for a snack because of that overwhelming meeting but I didn’t feel like having an argument. It didn’t taste too bad, but the sweetness of it gave me a headache. Something I will have to get used to eating again. ImageWe then picked up some pasta for dinner and some more yogurt and snack bars. When we got home I watched some Netflix while my parents did a little yard work. Sounds pretty nice, huh? I wish I could have been out there helping though. After watching some Netflix and tv, I helped my mom whip up dinner. I had just flipped through a running magazine so I was feeling motivated to eat! Pork chop with pesto and broccoli linguine!ImagePasta is still scary but I have to deal with it. That with a glass of milk and I am stuffed. The voice in my head is telling me to feel guilty right now but I am doing my best to fight it. I think I am going to go take a nice relaxing shower. I know tomorrow is going to be another long difficult day for me because I am going to work with my dad again and will have to eat something scary for lunch and then my mom and dad will probably want to eat out for dinner. But I have to suck it up and be strong! Wish me luck!


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