Last night was my last night at work until July! It will be a nice to get a little break. For dinner I packed some leftover taco pasta. I will definitely have to make that again! It even tasted good cold. The game actually seemed to go by pretty quickly. I feel like every transaction done on the register was for cash, so it kept my brain active. I got home a little bit after 11 and had my bedtime snack while watching tv. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and then going back to bed around 4 in the morning. Then I was able to sleep in until about 8:45 before my dad came and woke me up. We ended up going to what is pretty much the only place in Roxboro that serves breakfast, Timberland. It is just this little diner place that is attached to a sketchy looking motel. I was struggling with breakfast this morning. I just wanted to start crying, but I was able to hold myself together. My dad helped me pick something to eat. I ended up getting an egg and cheese sandwich with tomato on it. ImageI was able to get over my mental blockage and I ate the whole thing. After breakfast we ran to my dad’s office for just a few minutes and then we drove to Mebane to go to the outlets to buy my mom some new shorts because my dad didn’t like the shorts she had haha. So I helped her pick out two realllyyy cute pairs of shorts and two shirts to go with them and then she got two more pair from the Nike outlet. I really like what she got, so I hope she wears them! Then we headed home to have lunch. My dad basically chose my lunch for me and said I had to eat it all. My first instinct was of course to negotiate or refuse, but I am really trying hard to trust my parents and let them help me when it comes to food. So he made me a frozen chicken pot pie and gave me an orange to eat with it. ImageThen we were off to run more errands! But before we left I helped my dad change the battery in our old truck. I felt so cool, working under the hood! We went to redmill so my dad could order some mulch for our yard. While he did that I went to look at the fish in the little pond they had constructed. So pretty!ImageImageThen we ran a few more errands in Durham before driving back up to Timberlake to pick up the Jeep from one of my dad’s clients who does car repairs. The back window in the Jeep is stuck down so we are trying to get it fixed before we go to Chattanooga next week. They were unable to fix it today so we have to take it back on Monday… Then my mom and I ran to a little food mart place to get a tomato and lettuce for our dinner. When I got home it was my prescribed snack time. I had frozen greek yogurt and a peanut butter chocolate chip lara bar. That snack was much more like a dessert! The lara bar tasted like cookie dough 🙂 ImageThen it was time for some much needed couch time. My parents planned what was for dinner, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed when they told me what we were having and how much they were requiring me to eat, especially since I just ate a pot pie when they told me what we were having. When it was time to eat I felt a little surge of panic run through me but I did my best to overcome it. I had a burger with lettuce, tomato, laughing cow garlic and herb wedge and asparagus and mac and cheese. My dad put the mac and cheese on my plate and that is the thing that really scared me. But I almost ate everything that was on my plate! I was just sooo full! ImageNow its movie time! We are watching 21 & Over. Should be a hilarious night! 


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