Thursday Thoughts

I can’t believe it is Thursday already! I feel like this week just started. I am not complaining though! I am looking forward to this weekend, even though I have nothing special planned. This morning I actually got to sleep in till about 8. It felt nice, but I wish I could sleep in a little bit later than that sometimes. For breakfast I had a bagel thin with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter on half and raspberry fruit spread on the other half. I also had a vanilla strawberry smoothie breakfast shake. ImageIt kind of looks like a face, right? Haha! Anyways… after breakfast I chatted with my mom a little bit about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am making it one of my goals, but probably for the 2015 year 🙂 She is also making it one of her goals which I think is so awesome! When she left for work I was off to the couch to finish the Fifty Shades book. FINALLY DONE. Then I did a little internet surfing and caught up watching some shows I missed on my laptop. Then I went and made myself some lunch. Turkey wrap heated in the panini press with raspberry greek yogurt. It was a surprisingly filling lunch. ImageAfter I got done eating I wanted to get some chores done so I cleaned and organized the kitchen a little, picked up the living room, and finished my laundry. Now I am back on the couch watching the Pirates game with my parents! ImageAnd my cat.. Can’t leave her out.ImageI am feeling positive today, which is a good thing after last night. I just have to think about all of the things that are my motivation. Those things include becoming healthy and strong enough to: ride my horse, run and work out (train for my half marathon!) go on hikes, learn how to paddle board, wakeboard, or surf, and explore when traveling. I will keep adding to this list to help me stay motivated, so if any of you have crazy/exciting activities or events please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! All suggestions are welcome! 

I am going to try and get in a few more minutes of relaxation before I have to go get ready for work! Hoping for a good night 🙂


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