Two for Tuesday: Part dos!

Hola! I just got done eating the yummy, part mexican dinner I made. I saw this recipe on another website and decided to make a few modifications… ImageTaco pasta! It was a fiesta in my mouth. I sauteed up some onions and peppers, then added some chicken and taco seasoning. I let that cook down a little bit then threw some diced tomato and cilantro in. Next I added the bow tie pasta I cooked up on the side. Once everything was mixed together in the skillet I sprinkled it with some cheddar cheese and threw it in the oven just to melt the cheese and keep it warm until my parents got home. This recipe was definitely a success and you can bet I will be making it again in the future!

My day today was filled with lazy couch potato time. I did manage to get some laundry and dishes done, but other than that I mainly watch tv, movies, and surfed the internet. I watched This Means War and Hit & Run. I’d seen This Means War before and thought it was so funny and cute, so I figured it was a good way to waste some time. Hit & Run was alright. It definitely had some funny parts but it was one of those movies that I’m not sure I could watch again. I also worked a little bit on a bracelet for my aunt (it’s coming along nicely!) My intention span has just been too short to watch tv like I used to. I have just gotten used to always having something to do so staying still for a while is just boring. For lunch I made a toasted turkey, spinach, guacamole and chipotle laughing cow sandwich. Those laughing cow cheese spreads are so creamy. Gahhh, they’re heavenly. ImageI had a blueberry muffin lara bar about 2 hours after and then later I had some greek yogurt and granola. My snacks are beginning to be a little repetitive, huh? 

Questions for the readers out there: Do you have a favorite go-to snack? How do you spend your lazy days at home? Don’t be shy!


2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Part dos!

  1. Those laughing cow wedges are also really good as a dip for carrots & peppers or spread on a bagel or English muffin!

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