Father’s Day :)

Today was anything but a lazy sunday. It was a late night again at the ball park, but it might have been the best night of my entire life. The dinner my mom made me was good and I was able to eat it all comfortably so I was very proud of myself!  ImageBut that wasn’t the best part of last night… The best part was when my boss set it up for me to meet Chase d’Arnaud! He is only my favorite players on the Pirate’s 40 man roster! It was so incredible. I was so flustered. And I had an awkward sunburn on my face that kind of made it look like I got punched in the eye. So I was looking very rough, but oh well. He also gave me an autographed ball! After I met him I was so thrilled and flustered and scatterbrained I was just walking aimlessly around the store with the biggest smile on my face! ImagePretty awesome, huh? Anyways, back to today. Anything but a lazy day. I slept in a little and then my dad wanted to go out for breakfast. We let him choose where. I mean it is father’s day and all… He chose Bob Evans which actually turned out to be quite enjoyable. I ordered something that didn’t give me anxiety. It was something on the light menu so it wasn’t extremely overwhelming. ImageThere were scrambled eggs, multigrain cranberry pancakes and fresh fruit. There was also a tomato slice, but I dig in to it before I remembered to snap a picture! I managed to eat most of it too. After breakfast my dad wanted to go to Best Buy just to check out a camera that he has been talking about for a while now. Then we went home, where I spent a few minutes before heading off to the Durham Food Truck Rodeo to meet Hannah, Houston, and Houston’s girlfriend. There were soooo many trucks there! ImageImageEverything looked so good, it was so difficult to decide on what to get! I felt bad because it took me a while to pick a place when everyone already had there food and they were being polite and waiting for me. I was feeling very powerful when I walked up to basically the last food truck for me to investigate and I saw something that really jumped out at me on the menu: Caribbean Jerk Tortilla. YUMMMM! ImageIt was spicy jerk chicken (so spicy, I absolutely LOVED it. Spicy food addict, here) and shredded lettuce and cabbage with a sweet pepper sauce. The flavor was to die for! I am going to have dreams about that Caribbean Jerk Tortilla! The food truck rodeo sadly had to come to an end when it was time to go to work. Work was really busy again tonight, almost as busy as last night. It was a 5 o’clock game so I managed to get home at a reasonable time (a little after 9). Then I gave my dad his father’s day gift. ImageSteak knives and a grilling utensil for meatballs! I hope he liked them. We then opened up the knives and washed them so we could use them for dinner. My parents had dinner all cooked up when I got home. They made steak, asparagus, butternut squash and mashed potatoes. I made my plate of some steam, squash, and asparagus. ImageCheck out those monster knives! Since I got home at a reasonable time maybe I can watch some TV or do some internet surfing. I really just feel like hitting the hay! I am exhausted after having such a successful day that was full of amazing activities, family, and friends! 


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