Happy Saturday!

Last night was a late one… I didn’t get home from work until about 12:40. The game went by pretty slowly, and the Bulls ended up losing in extra innings. On top of that there were fireworks as well. So this morning I got a little bit of a later start. I slept on the couch (I randomly do that sometimes just because our couch is soooo comfy) and then woke up and made an easy breakfast of frozen waffles with my mom. I had my waffles with a vanilla strawberry shake which was just a Special K vanilla breakfast shake blended up with some frozen strawberries. ImageThen we ran to the barn for a quick trip. Vinnie was out in the pasture which is rare so we decided to brush him off while he was grazing so he could enjoy himself 🙂 ImageAnd here is a picture of Robert for all of you mini donkey lovers!ImageThen when I got home I got ready to go to the pool with my friend Houston. My parents made me lunch before I left. I was feeling some anxiety at this point about lunch because I ate breakfast so late and because I wasn’t around when they made it. But I did my best eating it so that I wouldn’t be late getting to the pool. it was actually pretty tasty. It was a turkey wrap with chipotle laughing cow spread, some cheddar cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and mustard. That is what my parents said they put on it anyways! Then they toasted it up and made it nice and melty in the panini maker. That thing was the best 10 dollars ever spent. I highly suggest getting one if you don’t have one already! ImageThe pool was very relaxing… for the most part. There are always those few people who are a little too loud. But I was still quite content with just lounging poolside. Now I am just about to leave for work. I am snacking on some greek yogurt and almonds (which I will probably have to take to-go!) and my mom made me something to take for dinner which smells reallllyyy good. It is chicken sausage, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, spices, and a garlic laughing cow for a little creaminess. I hope it works out for me tonight and I hope anxiety doesn’t creep up on me! It is going to be another busy night at the Bulls!


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