I woke up today in the best mood ever! Maybe it was because I got to sleep in a little, or maybe I just had a lot to look forward to. My dad called me on his way to work and told me that the Hogans tree was the power outage culprit from the storm yesterday and that my mom and I needed to drive and go see it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. So sad because Bruce spent so much time working on the landscaping 😦 ImageAfter seeing that war zone we went back home and made breakfast. We made a smoothie out of frozen mango, strawberries and almond milk. I mixed a little cereal in with mine. I am not the biggest smoothie person and I think we went a little heavy on the mango. I managed to eat most of it but then I started feeling a little nauseous so I ditched that and went for a piece of toast. ImageAfter breakfast my mom and I did some chores around the house. I cleaned my room a little bit, did some laundry and dishes. It felt good to be productive and get some stuff done. Then… my mom and I finally went and got our tattoos!!!! I can’t believe my mom finally did it! Ahhhh I love them so much, the turned out so well! I would put a picture of them up but they are still bandaged up so one will be coming later today or tomorrow 🙂 Currently my mom and I are sitting in the cutest little cafe eating lunch. It’s called Blend and it might be my new favorite place hahaha. My mom got a turkey, brie, apple sandwich and I got the Golden Belt Veggie which had sweet potato, avocado, and fontina cheese on it. We decided to share them so we could both try each one. ImageSo yesterday was kind of a tough day just dealing with some things… I had to tell my friend Courtney that I wasn’t going to be able to do the apartment with her in the fall because I will be taking the semester off to really focus on my health and getting better. I also had to inform USA Baseball that I wouldn’t be able to do the internship because of my situation. Then I was just stressed out with a lot of other things like figuring out what to do with my apartment lease and how to go about telling people that I would be taking the semester off of school. So I am very surprised that I am in a good mood today, but I am not complaining one bit! I think I am feeling good today because we finally got our tattoos and because I am pretty excited to go to work. I had a great time at work yesterday and it was good to see all of the people I work with. The Bulls are playing Indianapolis, which is the Pirate’s triple A team. Last nights game was pretty long. I didn’t get home until about midnight even though the storm only delayed the game about 30 minutes. When I got home I saw this cute little guy on the side of the house! ImageOn the way to get our tattoos today this song came on my playlist and I thought it was very inspirational and I am trying to get all the inspiration and motivation I can right now to help me get better! 



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