Happy Thursday!

Today has flown by so quickly! I am going to have to make this post short and sweet because I need to leave for work soon. This morning I woke up and my mom and I made some almond butter french toast in the panini maker. I had some banana slices with mine. Yumm-o! Perfect combination! ImageThen we went up to my dads office in Roxboro to help out because he was swamped. I don’t think I really helped out that much… I just did some filing and then fell asleep on the couch haha! For lunch my mom decided we should go to American Hero. Today has been a little bit of a struggle for me and I can feel the anxiety creeping in. But I ordered a grilled chicken salad which was good because I got to choose everything that went on it. Can you say VEGGIES!ImageThen my mom and I ran to walmart to grab a few things and then we came home and did a little bit of relaxing. I am making myself some oatmeal (which my dad is playing with at the moment) for my snack before work. I am hoping that the weather cooperates so the Bulls can play without any delays! 

My mom told me that my aunt wants a friendship bracelet so maybe that will be my activity tomorrow! 


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