I do know how to spell, I promise. But when, when, when are my mom and I going to get these tattoos?! We had the chance today, but the shop was busy and we would have had to wait for a while. But we are going to try again on friday or saturday, so tune in to see what we get!

Today for breakfast I made a scrambled egg with spinach and tomatoes with some almond butter toast. I am in a committed relationship with almond butter ❤ImageThen I went to work with my mom again because I was under the impression that we would be getting our tattoos. Even though tattoos didn’t happen I still had a good time. I made another bracelet today just to keep me busy while I was sitting in the main office. Cute, isn’t it?ImageI just sat there tying knots listening to my mom and a few of her friends at work chit chat. I don’t think my mom got any work done today. And I think I found her new obsession… BABIES. Babies are scary. If left alone with this little guy, I think my mom would gobble him up.ImageAfter being having an unproductive (but good) we went out to lunch at the delicious Parker and Otis. The lovely Mrs. Faggart joined us. That was such a treat, she is adorable and I would so shrink her down and carry her in my purse with me everywhere if I could. Both her and I got pimento grilled cheese sandwiches and my mom got a regular grilled cheese. I never had pimento cheese before so I thought I would try it. Plus cheese is a scary food for me right now so it was a good little challenge. I ate a little over half of it, but almost all of my cheese fell out! ImageAfter that we went to Dogstar for the failed attempt to get inked up. It was so hot and we were both wiped out so we came home and relaxed on the couch. We watched some travel channel and enjoyed a snack. Because I didn’t eat a lot at lunch my mom made me have a little bit of a larger snack of frozen yogurt and a cliff crunch bar. Then I took a short nap. Ahhhh, that was a nice nap. When my dad got home we just did a little more relaxing. Its been a pretty low key evening and night so far. I just got done with dinner, my dad grilled some pork chops and veggies and I had another sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are becoming a staple in my diet! I used to hate them now I can’t get enough. This isn’t the best photo quality but oh well! Image I would say today has been overall an alright day. I unfortunately had a headache for most of it. I think we are going to try and find a movie to watch tonight, hopefully we will have some success! 


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