Tuesday’s happenings

Hey there! So today just felt like a “wing it” kind of day. I had no idea what my plans were when I woke up, which was a little unsettling but I worked through it! I wasn’t sure if I was going to Roxboro to do stuff at my dad’s office or what. I decided just to stay home and do some reading and some dishes and take a nice hot shower before my appointment at two with my counselor. So I got up and had breakfast with my mom. Nothing special this morning, just some cheerios and a few bites of fruit. Still a nice presentation though, right?


So after that I just kinda lounged about and read probably half of the book I just got yesterday! Such an easy read with so much good information in it. For lunch my mom came home before leaving for my appointment. I got to try out my $10 panini maker thing from walmart! Be glad I don’t have a picture of it because you would be craving one big time. So tasty. Turkey, spinach, tomato, and a laughing cow fresco queso and chipotle wedge. Melty goodness. Paired with an apple that lunch was superb. Then I had my counseling meeting which I think went rather well. Got everything out that had been bothering me this past week. After that we headed back home. The rest of the evening was kind of spent being lazy on the couch. Had a snack (have to stick to the 3 meals, 2 snacks a day plan… even if I don’t want to) and caught up on some television time. Finally finished The Amazing Spider Man! IMG_1001

And look who joined me! Bugsy! (Barefoot)


My parents went to their group meeting and decided to get takeout. I was struggling with the idea of that so I told them to get what they wanted and I would make something at home and we could still eat together. So they of course got mexican (We for realsies live off of mexican it seems like) and I made a ground turkey sweet potato hash type thing with some spinach and veggies. Had some yummy flavor to it and filled me up!


Now I will probably go back to the couch and watch some tv with my parents. The pirates are on and they are actually winning! So jealous of my cousin, Madelyne, who is at the game right now… Wish I could have been there!


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