Uber case of the mondays…

Today I had the feeling of blahhh all day long. I’m not the most talkative person to begin with but today I was extra quiet for some reason. I think it was just a case of the mondays. The rainy mondays. It started out as a good day with my oatmeal though! ImageOk… I know it looks a little odd. Let me elaborate. I made it with a little bit of Kellogg’s chocolate breakfast shake and almond milk instead of water. And of course I added cinnamon! I am obsessed with cinnamon now a days!!! Pure yumminess. With it went a few sips of iced coffee. I HATE coffee with a passion but I am trying different ways to making it and different flavorings to try and acquire a taste for it… we will see how it goes.

Then I went to work with my mom! She is a principle at an elementary school and I just went and sat in the main office all day and buzzed people into the building. I decided to make a friendship bracelet to help pass the time. Check it out! ImageThe finished product I gave to my mommy… she is treating it like gold. Ha! ImageSo currently I am struggling with an eating disorder… it sucks so much. Food amount and ingredients really stress me out and cause me anxiety. It is something I am working hard to overcome. So hopefully this blog will help me push through! For lunch my mom and I went out to Mad Hatters. I used to love that place so even though I could feel my anxiety building at the thought I knew I needed to be strong and eat something that I know would taste delish! Hummus sandwich all the way! It was a beautiful plate. Proud to say I ate the whole sandwich. None of the house made tortilla chips though. Wasn’t feeling that strong. Getting there though! ImageAfter that I had an appointment with my nutritionist. She is just the sweetest woman in the world! So adorable. I picked up a few more good tips to help me with my disorder and even got a good book selection. You can bet I went to B&N and got it! But the DMV with my mom came first after spending some more time at her school after the nutritionist. DMV was accompanied by snack time which was a Kind bar. Nut and Madagascar Vanilla or something along those lines haha. Dinner was left over chinese and a sweet potato. SO MUCH FOOD. Or so it seemed to me. Who really knows. I just want to be healthy and strong again so I can have energy to do all the things I did before. Right now physical activity is prohibidado. GRRRRR. It is driving me crazy but it is still a mental struggle to do what I need to do fix that. Another motivator is I want to be able to ride my horse. My aunt just gave me an old saddle to try out on Vinnie! Looks like a good fit, huh?ImageWell I am off to snuggle on the couch for the night… I’m positive I will be joined by my “lemme get as close to your face as possible” cat, Nicole. Barefoot will probably keep her distance and stay nestled back on one of the beds. Hopefully something good is on TV!


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